The reportedly goddamn delicious pizza, cut to order with scissors.


Great review of Schilling Cider in Fremont. I've been there for three events, always busy, the 24 different ciders on tap and hundreds in the cases are a good selection and the growlers for take home are fun,

Picked up a growler of Wandering Aengus' Bloom & another one and can't complain!
611 Supreme is really closing? Sad.
Oh also, from the creators of the popular Green Leaf, Alicia Fusion Bistro opened up in Madrona.
611? Bummer. I used to live around the corner. That whole block is going to pot.
@2 and 4: It closed way back in May, no real reason given... sad, right?…

@3: Thanks! Have you been in?
@3 Alicia Fusion Bistro is probably best placed in Leschi, it's where Sabai Thai used to be, and before that Ruby's. Next door to Daniel's Broiler at the marina. I haven't been in yet, but I'm looking forward to checking it out.
I so miss the old Canterbury, the real one - not this fake/upscale/$18 for fish and chips joint. So the new chef booked after a month? Not a good sign.

I'd do anything to go into the old Canterbury (with my dog, which they allowed), order a stiff drink, a really good breakfast (they rocked) and relax in a non-hip, non-"new Seattle" scene. All of the good old places are almost gone - just a few are left.

Big Chickie, in Hillman City, opened last night and promptly sold out of all their chicken by 8:30p! Also just down the block, La Isla de Mojito opened last week, no liquor license yet.
American Pie in Georgetown closed but the world famous Zippy's Giant Burgers is opening a second location in it's place!
It's sad that the Erotic Bakery closed.
But----yowza!! Check out KellyO's birthday cake!!
Holy shit, Zippy's in Georgetown ?!?! Best. news. ever.

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