Shift Drink

The Always-Awesome Darlene


I like that joint, reminds me of old Ballard, things change, not always for the better but they do change.
Now that's a bartender crush.
Best joke ever heard in Smoke Shop:

What's the worst thing about being an atheist? There's no one to scream to when you're having sex!

This was heard at around 2 in the afternoon one day. The female senior who told it was waiting for her cab home, too pissed to drive.

Love that place. Cheers to cheap canned beer with a side of whiskey, and cheers to Darlene!
Is she pouring a shot of triple sec?

That said, I do love the Smoke Shop.
Peach schnapps.
Can someone google "slumming" for me? My hands are full.
@3, no more Rainier tallboys.
She looks the same as she did the last time I was in there (I believe it was still legal to smoke)
Aww. I will miss Darlene. She is truly a Seattle institution. The anti-hipster.

Possibly my greatest claim to drinking fame in this town is that I actually got cut off by Darlene back in the 90's.

Nobody thought it was possible... but I have witnesses.