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Toronado Seattle: Eh


Every year we get more beer bars chasing the same number of desirable kegs. It's great that so many places like this exist in Seattle (Toronado, for example, is within stumbling distance of my apartment), but we're long past the point where you can walk into a random beer bar and expect to be truly impressed by more than 1-2 of the 37 beers they're pouring. Each new place that opens ultimately cheapens the experience at every other beer bar in town.
So that's what they've done with the Mutiny Hall storefront on 65th. Tough competition with Pies and Pints and Atlantic Crossing nearby.

Thanks for visiting somewhere N of the ship canal though.
I think it compliments the neighborhood. I got something killer sour, but I asked for a really unusual lager. It's a comfortable place, and not at all claustrophobic. I'd probably go to Teddy's if I wanted a cheaper pint.
Having the ABV listed on the menu should really be a bigger point of emphasis, particularly when a bar is serving so many beers over 8%. It's very irresponsible (negligent?) and only results in irritation, both for me and for the server who has to go down the list with me. (Not to mention that it's damn near impossible for someone to remember the alcohol content of 37 beers.) Noble Fir does this too and it drives me fucking nuts.
Don't order the cheese plate there. WORST priced cheese plate I've ever seen. First visit we tried the single cheese which for 10 bucks entailed TWO pieces of cheese, 5 almonds, 2 rock hard crostinis, some honeybutter/honeycomb. Two pieces of cheese for ten dollars. No joke.

On opening day we asked the waitress how things were going and got a surprising response, "TERRIBLE!!" The service backed up her statement.

We came back for the grand opening party and again wanted something small to snack on. The three cheese plate resulted in THREE pieces of cheese 5 crostini, and the same other stuff. 3 pieces of cheese and accessories for 14 bucks is ridiculous. Matt himself while having great beer connections has NO CLUE how to run a bar. The menu is the same style as Brouwers, like the exact same print (with nowhere near the quality food offerings of Brouwers).

I'll come for special releases like The Bruery night and the opening party, but will never come here just because. The waitstaff was terrible 2 out of the 3 times we've sat at a table. Don't bother and go straight to the bar. And only one point of sale system so there's usually a line of servers waiting to input orders? Not smart.

Seth Howard should've kept Mutiny at this location, it was way better than Toronado.