A Guide to the Four Parts of Trove

Don't Be Confused—It's All Good


I don't even like Molly Moons, but why the completely unnecessary jab at them for not making their own base? Has the Stranger/Moon 69 tit suckling party finally come to and end?
I hit Trove last Saturday and it was a real turn off. We ordered the yellow curry rigatoni and the pappardelle noodles with mushrooms in miso, a side of kimchee, and some not-boozey drinks. I asked the server about the pickles, of which there are three on the menu, and he looked at me blankly saying, "They're pickles."

I asked what sort and he admitted he had no idea. Whatever, fine; bring on the kimchee and the noodles.

The bowls arrived and it was a reverse sticker shock moment. Paying $12 bucks for a street food experience is kind of stupid, but I wanted to make my girl happy. Paying $12 bucks for the meager portions doled out was insulting.

The kimchee wasn't bad, but your ajumma and the cats at Tanakasan do it much, much better. The tiny little cup for $3 didn't even hold a full bite. If you're familiar with this cuisine then you already know how little labor and money goes into making crafting quality kimchee; that the portion-makers at Trove are so stingy with the signature flavor of the Koreas is baffling.

Like you, Bethany, I found the rigatoni bland, lifeless, and watery. The pappardelle was tastier, but not by much. Certainly not enough to justify the 'no riff raff' $12 for a couple of scoops of slop.

We didn't try the deserts, but the experience was annoying enough that we weren't interested. We did decide to try the parfaits at a later date as long as we don't go inside. I'm hoping they survive their bad decisions long enough for the Summer to return; strange parfait on a Summer day sounds like a great gamble at the unlucky Trove.