Dazzling Variations on the Traditional Hot Pot

Bring a Date to Boiling Point and Little Sheep


Corporate hot pot? And I thought Coco in Bellevue with fast food ramen was a novelty for Seattle. At least fast food is trending to something edible.
I found Boiling Point to be a pretty unpleasant dining experience.

Besides the fact that the seafood in the hot pot gets totally rubbery and overcooked almost immediately, the smell of Sterno(?) overwhelms the dish. I had to call over a waiter to extinguish the flame so I could eat.

Cooking as you go is definitely a better way to eat a hot pot.
Not loving the sound of "beef tendon".
@3 - That's a shame, because it's delicious. I recommend getting it in pho, I've never tried it in hot pot before.

You picked beef tendon over pork blood cakes as a food that sounds frightening to you?

I get chicken pho, but I think maybe now I will try the beef tendon next time.
Is this a food review or an essay about being lonely? and eating soup?