There's a Plaza in Columbia City Where You Can Get Mexican Ice Cream, Vietnamese Pancakes, and Cornish Meat Pies

A Mini Mall Highlights the Changing Neighborhood's Diversity


i love that lil corner. and watercress is crackin.
All of my "friends" at Amazon are really excited about this part of town they didn't know about!! It's so unlike the rest of Seattle!!! They can't wait until they and their friends move down there and rape it until it turns into the new Belltown!!!!

I am counting on the gangsters and pimps of Kent East Hill to hold their ground through sufficient thefts and assaults to prevent the spread of Seattle employees up here.

Columbia City is a great place to get your photograph taken with smiling black people - at least for now. Hurry up and prove that, even as you blithely, unquestioningly support a economic system with systematically disadvantages black and brown people, you yourself are NOT A RACIST.
I love that corner too - I get my haircut at Tina's in front of these spots. Yes, it will change as will the rest of the south end...that can't be too much of a surprise, Seattle is a wonderful city with lots of great neighborhoods. Duh.
@ 2 Belltown? Your trolling needs some help.
Not quite getting the "under one roof" headline.