How Is Washington's Drought Affecting Local Farms?

Growing Food in Dry, Hot Conditions Requires Adaptability and a Lot of Drip Tape


Wow, substantial farm news in the news, and in the Stranger no less. This is one of the most important regional stories, and that your article, Angela, goes way beyond the "gosh it's hot" reports elsewhere is very welcome and useful. The Stranger should run a regular Farm News column.
@1 I agree! Between this and the article a few weeks ago about Seattle Herring Week ("Why is Herring So Hard To Find?"), I'm getting a sense that local foodways are becoming a priority at the Stranger, and that is very welcome!
Hey Oil Drilling and Fracking supporters, maybe the farmers can use oil to irrigate, eh? Or maybe the money/jobs Shell is providing and more gas for your SUVs will help you pay for higher food prices, and you can use something other than water for drinking and bathing.
@3: While a farmer doesn't irrigate with oil, they do use it to power farm equipment and of course to ship food from the farm to a market, and while this farm is organic, many farms use petrochemicals in pesticides, and fertilizer.

When it comes to the environment, none of us has clean hands, the sooner we all accept that and stop blaming others the sooner we'll start solving our problems.