Windy City Pie Adds a Terrific Twist to Chicago-Style Pizza

All You Need to Do Is Show Up on a Street Corner in Sodo to Get Some


A really cool dude making super awesome fuching food........ummmm.....jealous !
I'm so glad slog kicked Goldy to the curb to make way for thinly veiled advertisements like this.
We order his pizza ALL THE TIME, so much so that we have a system. Even as a Michigander growing up on deep dish only, this is some of the best pizza I've ever had.
#2 - Exaaaaactly.
@2 I actually tried to give Angela a free pizza, but she refused. I've also only spent $45 on advertising thus far and it's all been in social media.
So proud of you, David. You've always been an awesome guy and a brilliant artist, and it's wonderful to see you making so many people happy with your cooking. The praise you're receiving shows that sometimes Seattle honors its own best justly. Bravo!
@2 Why so cynical? Who did this to you? When a friend recommends something do you automatically assume they have an agenda or do you hear them out?

This article made me want to go try this place's deep dish pizza. If it's as good as it sounds, then I'll have a local place to go to when I'm craving quality deep dish pizza - something I have yet to find in Seattle. Thanks for the article!
Jon Stewart can go fuck himself when it comes to pizza snobbery.

Looking forward to giving this fellow a try. Even better that the delivery is going to feel like a Georgetown drug deal.