The Highs and Lows of Being Stevie Wonder’s Personal Touring Chef

Local Chef Makini Howell Jumped at a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity, but Running Her Business from the Road Was More Difficult Than She Anticipated


About that "credit" thing. When I was offered my first sous-chef position the chef informed me that I would have many opportunities to run the kitchen, but it should never appear that he hadn't prepped, prepared, plated, and possibly served everything that went out. It was particularly humorous when he'd spend the entire night in front of the house schmoozing away and collecting the "compliments to the chef," with a delighted "Merci bien, merci." In the meantime I was learning and practicing an art/craft, collecting a paycheck, eating well, drinking good wine, and enjoying other percs. I figured it was just the nature of the biz. (And, anyone who knew anything about restaurants knew what the story was.)
It's endearing to hear of a celebrity who is also a good, kind person.
The catering crew (not the usual catering co at the key) that was brought in to feed the local and road crews, on the other hand, was a complete joke.
Still recycling old content. Why do you do this? This mocks any integrity you might have as journalists.