What Seattle's Food and Drink Professionals Regret About 2015

Discussed: Dumplings, Weird-Ass Tostilocos, and the Inner Beyoncé


I haven't lived in Seattle for 10 years, but the closing of Kingfish Cafe still hurt. Such a wonderful place. Some of my fondest pre-parenthood dining memories are wrapped up in that place. Nostalgia's a bitch.
Why did you let Eric Rivera contribute this heap of excrement devoid of the slightest whiff of sarcasm? Is "competitive eating" not sufficiently nauseating in concept and practice as to preclude it from ANY article related to food or restaurants, except of course, for articles on "competitive eating" written by clods.

"I regret never becoming a competitive food eater. It would be amazing to say I ate 12 gallons of pho or a six-pound chimichanga in one sitting."
– Eric Rivera (contributor of what could be the final Stranger regret of 2015)