Happiest Hour



I love this restaurant! This and Le Pichet are all I need. (OK, a couple of others.) What is great here is the ability to treat the place as a small-plates bar or a totally mind-blowing restaurant. The food is always great, and Mr. Carsberg is there if you have questions.
I sure do hope more people in Seattle support Bisato. It's sahme that most people could not get over how demanding and precise he is, which he has to be to cook like he does. Scott's cooking is amazing.
Chocolate Caramel Mousse ftw!
And the address of this "ground-floor condominium retail space in Belltown" is...what, exactly?
Hey, they raised the price of the lamb chops by 75 cents. That said, they are the greatest lamb chops on this Earth, and I'm not being hyperbolic. I've never tasted a lamb chop so perfect. The Mr. and I always save a little room for a couple of chops when we visit Bisato.
Also, those sardines are damn tasty, too.
@4: corner of 1st and battery.
Scott is a Seattle classic! They have super cocktails and a great bartender too