Forced Out Oct 30, 2023 at 9:47 am

Anti-Trans Laws in Florida Forced a Woman to Quit Her Dream Job with NASA

“That was the greatest moment in my life… Nothing I've ever seen before–and probably ever will see again–will compare to that moment.” TEVY KHOU



"Robin explained that when Beyoncé played the county-owned Camping World Stadium in Orlando this August, no trans person in attendance could safely use the bathroom there."

And right here is why no entertainer, conference, convention or event should set foot in Florida until this madness is reversed.


People like Robin will continue to leave Florida. And by "people like Robin," I don't just mean trans people. I mean educated, intelligent people. And this is going to hurt the state. At some point there will be no one left except the ignorant crackers who voted DeSantis in. And that will be the end of Florida as a modern economy.

Also, I think that a certain Rep. Barnaby might be in line for the Santorum treatment.


Minor nit: Riley Gaines is not an anti-trans activist. She just raised awareness that Lia Thomas, a transgender woman, had great unfair physical advantage over her biological female competitors. That doesn't make her anti-trans, nor for those who support her cause, that's just stating fact.


Robin Witt is better off moving to Seattle as opposed to Chicago. Sadly, Chicago is too much on a downward spiral and recovery will take a long time: Seattle still has a chance. With her skills as an electrical engineer in the aerospace industry, she should have no trouble finding a job. Seattle would likely be a more welcoming local for a trans than Chicago.


@3 If Riley Gaines had confined her protests to the governing body of her own sport, I'd agree. But her frequent appearances on right-wing media have made her likely the most visible spokesperson in the country for legally mandated trans exclusion from all women's sports. That's activism by any reasonable definition.


@2 even if "that will be the end of Florida as a modern economy." they will still have two senators and some significant number of electoral college votes, "be afraid, be very afraid."


@6- good point. Not sure what to do about that. We had the chance to get rid of them once. It likely won’t come again.


@5: I doubt she ever got a call from MSNBC.


Wonderful article about my friend and fellow former KSC Worker. Robin has endured much, and did everything she could while here in Central Florida to make a difference to the community. I miss her terribly, but I don't blame her for leaving since she was able to do so. I have lost three other trans friends to other states, and still have others who remain (because they can't leave). I fight with those still here as much as I can by going to Tally during Lobby Days, attending Board of Medicine and Board of Governors and speaking out, screaming for trans rights at protest events, and donating where I can. It's NEVER enough, but I hope I am NOT one of those she mentions below. And if you are reading this and think YOU are, DO MORE!

TransRightsAreHumanRights #ProtectTransKids #TransLivesMatter!

“It drives me insane,” she said. “Cis people, whether they’re gay or not, are going about their lives like it’s not that big of a deal–like it’s just another political issue, when people are going to die from this. You’re trying to get them to understand that–and even if they understand in the moment–getting them to take action on that is like pulling teeth. It doesn’t give me a lot of hope because it’s not going to stop.”

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