Forced Out Nov 6, 2023 at 9:30 am

They Needed to Leave, but They Couldn’t Afford to Move

After men in a truck hurled transphobic slurs at Isobel, she removed the trans pride patch from the back of her favorite jacket and stitched it on the front. “If anyone happens to react negatively to it, at least they’re facing me,” she said. TEVY KHOU



Oh my. I couldn't read it all; I had to skip to the last paragraph - I was so afraid that you were going to write that they had failed or someone died in Texas.

Thank gnu that everything is working out a little better for them! It's so heartwarming to see how like a family the trans community is.


Shades of John Steinbeck and the Grapes of Wrath, fleeing the MAGA instead of dust bowl. So I assume that Isobel and Chenoah are trans women, but it's unclear. And then there's a "they" here in there, so you wonder if one of them is non-binary.

Be thoughtful to your readers. Nothing wrong with being precise.


@2 "She [Isobel] and Chenoah were the only trans people there." -- 4th paragraph


@3: Yes dear, but MTF or FTM? That was missing.

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