Furry May 10, 2024 at 12:51 pm

A Historic Steamship Trip for the Fandom

Jul Reindeer (Ed Brown) aboard the SS Virginia V. COURTESY OF ED BROWN



Whatever floats your boat. Just make sure a life vest fits over your costume without difficulty.


whattabout those
Litter boxes the
far 'right''s al-
ways going
on and on

Shall I bring
mine* Aboard?

*these tootsie rolls Taste
like crap and're making
me Very thirsty. there's
a Bar!? will there be
Decent catnip?


As much as I love Anthrocon, it ceased being the world's largest furcon a year or two back when it was surpassed in total attendance by Midwest FurFest (MFF), 13,000 vs 15,000. This past weekend's Furry Weekend Atlanta (FWA) also hit the 15k attendance mark and every furcon seems to attract more people than it did the year before.


Oops, forgot to plug my two non-fiction books, "Furry Nation" and "Furry Planet" - more than everything you wanted to know about furry and its spread into mainstream entertainment - www.furrynation.com

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