The End of Pain

I finally found what works best for my gout: CBD cream.



That is a marvelous cartoon of you, Charles.


Right, it's the doctors/researchers fault. God forbid you take any personal responsibly for the role your actions played.


I'm not convinced "lose weight and stop drinking so much" sounds worse than loading up on expensive, possibly disorienting creams and balms that provided self-reported relief in a six-month study of a single subject who just happens to work for a company that takes advertising dollars from manufacturers of such ointments.

But he's a socialist, so it's cool. Probably.


bumblebee75, some people's bodies are just more prone to gout than others. I'm sure many people eat richer foods and drink more booze than Charles without any ill effects. Life's unfair, and not every ailment is a punishment for your sins.


My man was diagnosed with gout about 9 months ago, and was told simply to limit beer and beef to once a week. He wasn't much of a drinker anyway, but he hasn't had any flares up since moderating his beef intake.


Charles, you are truly American.
Health issues due to lifestyle choices?


Mr. Mudede, these cannabidiol balms you describe may very well work at easing the pain of gout but they only treat the symptoms and not the cause. Realistically you should should cut back on alcohol (better yet quit all together), change you diet, lose weight, and exercise. Some years ago I had a problem with kidney stones, a problem related to gout. If you haven't suffered kidney stones believe me you don't want to; the pain is excruciating and can last for days and recur. I have always been overweight, I grew up as a fat kid, but the experience of kidney stones motivated me to lose weight. I lost 50 pounds and started a daily one hour walking program; I was never much of a drinker but now I consume about 2 glasses of wine a year. It has been over 5 years and I have not had a problem since (knock wood) and my A1C level has consistently been below 62.


@7 I really, really hope you mean your A1C is below 6.2 -- or are you writing this from the beyond?


Other decent remedies for gout that don't involve cutting out stuff that tastes good:

Just drink a lot of water. 3 liters a day at least. Yeah you have to piss a lot but it does help offset the gout pain.

Eat cherries or drink cherry juice. I forget what's in it but it helps with gout.


Gout isn't all about diet. There's a huge genetic component. I've been vegan for a year now and I rarely drink. Heck, I'm fasting today. I still have trouble with gout.
So I've thought about various CBD remedies. Weed never did much for me, so it might not be the best solution. But who knows? Worth a try, I guess.


This is not the first time today I have encountered a testimonial on how great CBD oil works as a topical treatment for a deep-tissue condition. My conclusion is that CBD oil is becoming modern-day snake oil.

@10: You are correct in general, but Charles has hawked grey-market opiates as a hangover cure. He’s always regaling us with tales of how he enjoys his privilege of immoderate drinking.


Sorry @8, must have forgot the decimal point; keyboard is getting old.


I've suffered from gout for 15 years beginning in my early-30s. Nothing curbed attacks more than three things (and I've tried CBD in various forms - they can help, but are far below these points):
1. hydrate. hydrate like a mofo
2. eat your effing vegetables
3. drink moderately and recognize that not doing so is cumulative
Gout differs for each person and you have to learn how to live with it. There is no magic cream. There is only being responsible and learning what your triggers and nutritional needs are and balancing them with a plethora of helpful practices. In short, gout sucks - take care of yourself.


Keep it up and you’ll be pining for the days you had toes with which to suffer gout.

Or, you know, less gluttony.

I don’t understand how so many can be so blind with the most absolute of ironies laid bare before them.


@10 Fructose raises levels of uric acid in the blood, so you might want to cut back on fruit if it is a big part of your vegan diet. I hope your doctor has told you that already.


@15 I had heard that high fructose corn syrup was the real villain. I hadn't heard about unprocessed fructose per se. I tend to eat at least a banana and apple every day, so that advice is worth considering.


This funny comic of you reminds me of the album cover design of Joe Jackson's debut release, "I'm the Man" (1980?). Awesome.


Blood pressure medication can increase the likelihood of gout.