Weed Oct 23, 2019 at 4:00 am

Or pipe. Or bubbler.

Anthony Keo



Is there a way I can reduce build-up in the first place? I have a nice glass piece and I clean it regularly but I'm bummed that in a week it's back to looking as dirty as it was.


Uh buy a new one


Thank you Katie! I just did method #3, on my glass pipe, with 70% isopropyl alcohol & Trader Joe's Fine Crystal Sea Salt. Had to do it in three passes, due to a 6+-year buildup of crusty carcinogenic crud. Anyway, it works beautifully, woohooo!


So, Katie, are you back on the bong or doing this from memory?

You can rinse your bong with water after each use and about every 2 or 3 uses, rinse it with isopropyl alcohol (you can dump the alcohol directly into your bong, save the bag for later). and if/when Bongy looks cloudy add, alcohol and salt -- again, directly into the bong -- it's Glass.* It can take it.

*Oh -- NEVER leave highly flammable alcohol in Bongy to 'soak' it. Should you (or some innocent bystander) accidentally fire/hit that shit up, it might be your LAST hit.

*Well, at least mine can. It's a heavy, beaker-type bong, tough as nails (but definitely not unbreakable). If you're puffin' on a Chihuly, might wanna check with your Insurance Company first (or, if Billionaire, toss it into the back of the fireplace, and laff your way all the way back, to the Bong Store) (take the Rolls).


91% isopropyl is easier to find (that's the strongest usually available at the drugstore or supermarket) and works perfectly well. Adding salt is unnecessary.


@6 you add the salt to work as a scouring agent. For best results, microwave it (although open every window and put fans on - it'll smell not so awesome)

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