Green Guide Fall/Winter 2018 Oct 24, 2018 at 4:00 am

You already know about THC and CBD. Now it's time to learn your CBGs.

Lester Black



Hello sounds amazing, but surely there is a conflict of interest with a well-stocked advisor to GW Pharma gushing publically about the benefits of cannabinoid analogs.. you wouldnt write an article where Pfizer or Monsanto medical officers tout their drug products as miracles, right?


@2: As always, caveat emptor. The bigger message here is the potential medical benefits of low-THC cannabis. Since low-THC cannabis is not as profitable as the high-THC strains, the private market won’t develop it until the market for high-THC becomes saturated. In other markets, this is where taxpayer-funded grants propel research into creating therapeutic drugs, but we can’t have that because we’re so fricking stupid about cannabis.


I have twice (in thirty years' sporadic use) encountered pot whose major effect seemed to be a very 'open' feeling, as if I were being mildly suffused with light, and a feeling of great energy. Now I'll seek-out any CBG-rich weed or extract I can find—perhaps that was responsible for that feeling…or perhaps believing that it might be so will trigger just the right THC-amplified placebo effect….


@1 well, but this was all gushing about a compound that GW doesn't sell and apparently isn't pursuing development of.


I am a big fan of Heylo's products and if you are interested in CBG I would also strongly recommend Jack's Girl which is a lovely strain... lightly energetic and mentally resetting and a bit happy. (Full disclosure: I own and operate OZ. in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, and Heylo is one of our vendors.)

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