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I thought of a really witty reply to this article, but now I can't remember what it was.


Bad for retaining new information, good for further contemplating something you've already learned.


I postulate, based on nearly as much evidence as these chumps have, that cannabis is a tool, and if you don't know how to use it, it may impair your cognition, while if you learn how to use it, it doesn't do that, to any large degree, or at least not necessarily any more than a control group of similarly-aging other folks.

It's the old, "it's a hammer, kids; don't hit yourself in the face with it. We have a house to construct" theory.

You're welcome. I'll send you the invoice.


It's not really right to be poo-pooing a mouse study just because it was, ya know, done on mice. It's not 100% certain that a mouse study is going to end up being completely applicable to humans, but a properly set-up and rigorous mouse study suggests a pretty strong possibility that there's something going on that will be applicable to mammals in general. (I don't know if this particular study was done well, though, and improperly set up mouse studies certainly have the potential to be abused to get the result you want.)

I'm personally not too worried, but I can't help but thinking if this were virtually any other consumer product, they'd already be rolling out the boycotts and the expensive thing-free alternatives at the health food stores.


The best thing about seeing a theatrical release while high on edibles: You'll get to enjoy it for the first time again when it begins streaming.


Anecdote alert! Daily smoker for 20+ years. I've always had the best memory anyplace I've worked or lived. I've got all kinds of other mental problems, but memory has never been one of them.


Since November of 2016, I have regularly and frequently been consuming strong doses of THC in several forms, and I can regretfully say my memory is not any weaker. I had been hoping I could smoke enough weed, and enjoy enough edibles (and it really takes edibles to get the higher doses), to forget that we have a Fascist proto-dictator pretending to be president. I am only able to forget his most minor gaffs, although I suspect that is due to the ever increasing horror at his malice making those things irrelevant, and not a weakening of memory.

Praise, Blaze, and ITMFA!


Insufficient data set...need to do more testing...

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