hire this illustrator for more work! the vibe is nice
We're gonna hafta shut down all the booze joints -- they attract an undesirable element / riff raff. They can also be a hellova lotta fun, but that's beside the point.

A pot club sounds like fun too. (I highly recommend a chauffeur-driven party bus/limo for transport home/definitely designated drivers.) Music, pool, couches, games, sports ... enjoying others who just wanna get high too...
why not?
Oh, and I'd wager it's perfectly legal to eat it* wherever you may be.

.* it's gotta be pre-cooked or heated to release the active ingredients
** less is more, til you're sure / experienced
“That felony legislation Republicans introduced just to spite the people who were looking for regulation on cannabis clubs… “

That regulation was a felony.
Felony stupidity, in the first degree.
Punishable by … Voters.
Get off your asses.
(U know who I’m talkin’ to)
It's the same reason that we couldn't buy booze on Sunday until a few years ago, or in grocery stores until the very big money initiative campaign finally did what the Legislature would not. Washington is up-F-ing-tight. Half of the Legislature is terrified that someone might be having fun.
I came here to say what @ 5 put it. It wasn't too long ago that the WSLCB only allowed bars to serve cocktails if they could serve up a hot meal cooked in a commercial grade kitchen. Washington State has always had strict blue laws. In the past Seattle establishments got away with flouting them because of the SPD payoff system. Those days are long gone otherwise I suspect the city would be dank with weed cafes!
Can't renters smoke in their flats? Hotels are mostly non smokimg but what about AirBnB?
@6 Wait, did WA lose the kitchen requirement to serve booze? Ya'll got ACTUAL bars now? Nice one!
The solution is obvious, when laws make no sense whatsoever, citizens should ignore them at every opportunity. Regardless of which party is responsible for these laws, they'll look stupid and impotent when everyone flips them off.

A few walking and smoking weed demonstrations should point the idiocy out but some nice big signs with the legislators names in nice big letters might get their attention.

When the religious right, the prudish left, and the native tribes Inc get together, this is what you are going to get. Don’t blame Republicans. We’ve been prevented from having cigar bars for years; and now we can’t even chew in the dugout.

"the prudish left"

I know -- lookit all the Lefty Prudes looking at The Stranger!

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