Green Guide Spring 2018 Apr 11, 2018 at 4:00 am

Welcome to the world beyond THC.

Thomas James


This is where things really get fun.

I'm going to call it now though, dosing daily on THCV to lose weight is going to turn out to be a bad idea.
Ambien has CRAZY side effects.

I had a friend I used to train with back in the day who was on Ambien.

He began experiencing all sorts of strange side effects. One, he thought, was extreme muscle soreness.

Then a trainer at the gym greeted him one day by saying "Hey! You're back again? Two times in one day!" And he was like "what?"

Turns out he'd been "sleep working out." Or, really, experiencing amnesia. No shit. He'd been getting up at 5am, driving to the gym, working out like a mad man, going home and going back to bed for a couple minutes. Waking up, with no memory he'd already worked out, then going back to the gym, all exhausted, at 7am and doing it again.
"Endocannabinoid receptor". I just love saying that.

If Shekhinah didn't want us to get baked, She wouldn't have given us endocannabinoid receptors.

They named it Anandamide for a reason.
Heylo Cannabis has some concentrates high in CBC and CBG, along with a Chronic and Romulan that has some THCV. All of the product's analytics are available on their site:

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