The Weed Growers Who Also Breed Falcons

How Falcanna conquered the boutique cannabis market.



disappointed in the lack of critical response to herhog's article here.

Where are you people? I need you! I can't do it by myself.


Calling all Jan Michael Vincents


Reefer and Raptors
Sounds good to me.

From Falcanna's website: "Many women and quite a few men have reported back to us that a heightened desire for intimacy should be included in the strains’ [Pacific Blue's] high description." ummm, naughty....

Dutch Haze sounds enticing....
Or maybe Diesel Thai...

Dang. Why can't we have samplers?
One joint of each.
Or are they way way ahead of me here...
Thanks, Katie!

(and how 'Bout that deepwoods dress?!)
[Beats ol' Sasquatch, two-to-one].


hey 2, so which is it? am i cave dwelling or basement dwelling? Mixed metaphors are lame.


Lordy, this is an astoundingly stupid puff piece. I often like your pieces, but I’m embarrassed for you here.