The SHARE/Wheel scam continues.


Sawant complains about others' heavy-handed approach, yet she is not at all hesitant to use her role as committee chair in a similar manner.

Where are the other members of her committee or the City Council as a whole on this?


Hey lady, that study says it’s $2,200 to rent a house in King County, not an apartment.

Page 1.

It’d cost more in my neighborhood, but if I were to be sharing my two bedroom with someone else it’d fall under your definition of “affordable”.

Those brand new luxury units a block away, though...

It’s hard, I know ;[


"This nomination is about much more than an individual. It is about holding the political establishment accountable to workers and the community."

This is a good point. Why aren't city leaders--like Ms. Sawant--being held accountable for continually failing to make progress on homelessness? As Crosscut reported:

"The City of Seattle raised funding to fight homelessness to $63 million in 2018. Their 2018 funding plan projected 7,399 exits from homelessness, but many service organizations have been struggling to reach their minimum targets."


Does The Stranger have any photograph of Ms. Sawant in which she does not stare at the camera with the impassive certainty of someone who's never reconsidered anything?


oink oink


@5: Sawant probably demands they use this one every time she sends over something for them to publish.


Why should I care about what Comrade Sawant thinks on any issue? She doesn't represent my district. Hell... she doesn't even represent her district. She represents her un-elected "Central Committee".

Take a hike, Comrade. You and your "movement" are nothing but a fraud.

Enjoy spending raising all that special interest money for your re-election campaign. Fraud.


“SHARE and WHEEL are among the shelters that have repeatedly been put on the chopping block...“

What is SHARE/WHEEL’s record for moving residents of their shelters into permanent housing?

“ establishment that both stymies efforts to fund new affordable housing and nickel-and-dimes homeless shelters.”

In August 2016, then-Mayor Murray advocated for a $290M housing levy, with the proceeds going to affordable housing. We voters enacted it. That hardly sounds like our establishment stopped efforts to build more affordable housing. What’s the status of that levy, CM Sawant?


If it ain’t a Luciferian pinko in office then let’s scream about it, as an appeal to the corporate-manufactured consensus opinion that leverages emotion.


I can't wait for Sawant's re-election. She didn't run for Mayor or a citywide council seat for a reason. She's irrelevant and incompetent.


@7- you keep saying things like this, about property taxes. The objective reality is that property taxes here are incredibly low- just 0.99%, not even the highest in this very low tax state. Everett, as an example, taxes at 1.098%. The highest tax rate exists in Bridgeport, Conn- at 3.88%


Hey Kshama! Why are you not participating in the Democracy Voucher Program? Instead opting to take piles of money from out of state donors. Because you don't give a shit about Seattle or the district you represent. You're the biggest fraud to hit Seattle since Clay Bennett.


Ultimately, as has been talked about before, it is not Kshama that is rejecting Jason Johnson.... It is the central committee of the Socialist Alternative political party.

That doesn't make Jason Johnson good. In fact, I am immediately suspicious of anyone appointed by Mayor Durkan. However, we now know that when Kshama Sawant speaks, she is not doing so on behalf of the people who elected her (myself included) but she is speaking on behalf of executive board of her party... most of whom do not live in the 3rd district.

It may be good that her party has directed her to oppose Jason Johnson, but that is not the point. The point is "Is this the right decision for the people she is supposed to be representing?"


@16- and by 'all the ppl' you mean the 1 comment, and the one reply? It is a terrible photograph- but if that is how the council member wants to be portrayed, that is fine.


at least you're hoping so...


Hahaha. Idiot Savant came to the "friendly" Stranger to summon her troops/comrades. Instead the comments, like her approval rating, are 99% against her. Don't let the door hit you on the back, as you finally exit our City political stage. Your 15 minutes of fame are waaaaay over! 😆


If you can find only 34 angry people to speak out about a political decision in Seattle then it’s probably a pretty good decision.


Transparency? We need accountability and transparency in the funds being given to these organizations.

How can you oppose someone who has demonstrated the willingness to hold SHARE and LIHI accountable for their public funds?

Basically this has nothing to do with the nominee and all about the conitinuing theft of funds.


@13 what percentage of rent increase is the property tax? That’s the relevant question for renters. It’s totally irrelevant to hear that the $9000 property tax bill is 1% of the property value when the next tax increase, utilities, and cost of maintenance adds 10% to the rent bill.


You are still spouting out about what your constituents want? You have no constituents! You have party bosses and you report to them and them only. Go away and let a real Councilperson represent District 3. #7Up2019


"Fundamentally, though, the choice the other council members face on Monday is whether to respect and honor the voices of workers and the community, or to curry favor with the Mayor as she tries to ram through a neoliberal big business agenda in the face of our mounting housing affordability and homelessness crisis."

Thank you Kshama.

Giving us Ninety Percenters our Due is gonna be Painful to those who've always been satisfied with having Everything. (They surely do have A LOT of soon-to-be or temporarily-embarrassed Billionaires, more than willing to lend them a big Helping hand, do they not?!)


"they're no tents in Broadmoor."

And they'rein lies the Problem...


@29: But there was the Licton Springs debacle, where SHARE inflicted shoot-up shacks — sorry, a “tiny house villiage” — on a working-class neighborhood. Hardworking homeowners found their yards used as urinals, and their children’s bicycles stolen for drug money. Are you proud of what the city and SHARE did to those working-class families? If so, keep shilling for Sawant.



".. shoot-up shacks — sorry, a 'tiny house villiage'... "

Okay. So where do you propose we might put our "shoot-up shacks," Tenser?

How 'bout nowhere? Does nowhere work for you?


Marxist clown. Vote her out!


Kapitalist Klowns, or Bust!


@31: I’d prefer the city take the money spent paying SHARE to be a slumlord, and instead spend it on actual treatment for persons who are homeless due to drug issues.

That was easy! Now, you answer my question: “Are you proud of what the city and SHARE did to those working-class families?”


When she ran against Conlin, y’all said the same shit. And she won anyway.

When she ran against Banks, y’all laughed your self righteous asses off, and howled about how she was doomed to lose. And she won anyway.

You’re all such fonts f fuckin* wisdom, so why do you lose every goddamn time?

So yeah, umm.. bring it on. Keep posting your bullshit, and we’ll keep winning anyway.


@36: Because a city-wide seat is totally the same as a district seat. Because Sawant could never, ever be considered the out-of-touch incumbent Conlin was. Because this is such a great year for incumbents to run for re-election to our City Council. Because yesterday is just like today!

(Oh, and you left out the part where she ran against Chopp...)

But back to the topic: should SHARE/WHEEL be audited?


@38: I posed the question simply to drive away Sawant’s fanboy @36. SHARE should have been audited years ago. My primary question now is if anyone there can be prosecuted.

As for the housing levy, I asked about it @10, above.

One of the more annoying aspects of our civic dialog over homelessness, EHT, &c. is how few facts it contains. The City is already implementing the recommendations in the Poppe Report, most of which agree with what you’ve written; I’ve already seen improvements in my own neighborhood of Belltown.

Had the EHT survived, it would have provided revenue to failing service providers, thus interfering with implementation of the Poppe Report (which may have been the unstated intent of the EHT’s sponsors).

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