Guns killed fewer people than COVID but we don’t have mask mandates, vaccine mandates, or any other active protections.


^ Two wrongs do not make a right.


Until the stem of NRA cash into politicians' pockets is permanently stopped, there will be no change in gun laws. America has chosen over and over and over and over that they want violence, death, and money and nothing is going to stop that insatiable need. Not dead children, not anything.


@2 It shows that this talk about gun control is emotionally manipulative theater. If Liz actually cared about people, she would be rallying around reducing COVID transmission firstly and primarily.


I'd love to see mandated insurance, like we have for cars. This would both properly price risk (violent past? insurance companies will charge more), and provide compensation for victims.


I just can't figure out why all of these pro life think of the children people seem to have no interest in actually keeping children alive. Weird stuff.


@5 I swear the Tu Quoque Logical Fallacy is the SLOG number one go to. Is all you do here is go down lists of logical fallacies and then regurgitate them?

That death exists and that there are one set of problems that need to be addressed does not negate addressing another set of problems. Hence the very popular saying.

Dear SLOG Trolletariate: The moment a Tu Quoque is deployed the "argument" can be totally discounted as an admission of failure and lack of intelligence.


@9 It’s not Tu Quoque to say that the government isn’t addressing the most pressing health concerns and that politicians swinging away from COVID - as yet another spike is coming online - to gun control or car accidents seems to be cravenly cynical, especially in the face of rising hospitalizations and new data about the ineffectiveness of vaccines against LongCOVID.

Talk about gun control all you want, but realize that the politicians making this discussion are the exact same politicians who are removing mask mandates and encouraging everybody to go back to the office and sit in Petri dishes.


@4 xina +1 for the WIN!


The government is fully capable of doing more than one thing at a time. For instance we have both stop lights AND sewers. Both police and fire departments.

The resources to deal with the pandemic are in place and merely have to be reactivated when necessary though it is similar political fatigue preventing either problem from being dealt with.

But even if we were still utilizing mask mandates, etc you would simply find some other idiotic thing to hang your fallacy on and we both know it. It's clear you neither read the article nor understand it.

It is classic bad faith deflection and Tu Quoque fallacy. You never, and still don't, address a single particular element or policy from the discussed article on gun control and argue purely from "perfect is the enemy of the good" or "hypocrisy" fallacy.

You don't really care about either. This just more of your typical bullshit. And you can be ignored.


Yep, it's been proven that a country full of white people with guns will inexorably become a hopeless shit-hole of random violence:

Money quotes:

'People who've been convicted of a crime or have an alcohol or drug addiction aren't allowed to buy guns in Switzerland.

'The law also states that anyone who "expresses a violent or dangerous attitude" won't be permitted to own a gun.'

It would seem we have a pretty good idea of how the massacre at Uvalde began, and had we Swiss-style laws, it might have been averted completely.


It’s not a lack of “courage,” it’s national Republinazi terrorism. They are want to kill us.
Having the courage to tell the truth would be a great start.


@12 I love that you have no actual argument and just go around screaming at people about logical fallacies, hoping they don’t know what you’re actually talking about and trust that your logical fallacies exist and are actually applied appropriately.

The problem is that the senator has proudly talked about all the nothing she’s done to prevent COVID from being spread. The state has given money to hospitals should you become sick which is again inevitable now that wave 8 is upon us. But, nothing like mask mandates, vaccine mandates, etc.

And, COVID actually effects more Washingtonians per year than car accidents and gun control combined. But, the Democrats in Washington DC, Olympia and Seattle are rallying around gun control and hoping you don’t notice that they’re doing nothing about COVID.

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