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Tell the City to Study Alternative 6 by August 22

Housing policy is climate policy. Courtesy of Tech 4 Housing



Bountiful housing for all and a chicken in every pot. This is The Onion, right?



Well, certainly no one is going to mistake it for the billionaire fellating FOX News...


“This vision complements the one presented by Seattle Social Housing Initiative 135, which would create a mechanism for more affordable housing for low and middle income families. Alternative 6 supports this effort by legalizing construction of this housing in most areas of the city.”

Uh, I-135 just failed miserably, and that was merely an attempt to place it on the ballot; who knows how it would have fared in an actual election.

I-135 would have created a new housing bureaucracy, nothing more, and would have needed money from elsewhere to actually build housing. It appears Alternative 6 suffers from the same deficiency. It would merely create “…incentives for affordable homes and commercial and community spaces to serve people’s daily needs.” It would not actually build any of those things.

It would also allow “[m]ore dense infill housing,” which reveals the true intent: construction of 4-6 story apartment buildings deep inside what are now neighborhoods zoned for Single-Family Housing (SFH). This would end SFH without admission of doing so, and without creating even a plan to deal with the resultant huge increases in traffic within those neighborhoods.

On that basis alone, I expect it will suffer the same fate as did I-135.


GREAT article!
sound Ideas +
citizenry Input

well Done
Naishin Fu
Alex Broner
Audrey Neubauer
and Robert Cruickshank

and thank you!


Fantastic work!

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