Guest Rant Oct 11, 2022 at 10:00 am

An Open Letter to CEO Brad Gillis

You didn't voluntarily recognize our union. So now we have to do this the hard way. Mike Rodriguez



Well done. Best of luck to you all!


As a former patron of Homegrown, I’d like more background on the workers’ demands. For example, what does “these jobs become sustainable” mean?

@2: The Big Time Brewery on The Ave used to have an antique sign, which referenced “Union Malters.” Unions have been a big part of America’s contentious labor history, and sometimes appear in unexpected places. (Fun fact: Boeing’s longest-serving Chief Engineer, Ed Wells, designer of the B-29, B-52, 707 and KC-135, urged engineers there to form what is now SPEEA.)


@3 I would too along with the 'respect' demand. But before that I want to know who the hell pays nearly $15 for a sandwich? I took a look at the menu, but instead of inspiring me to eat there I found some decent ideas for making sandwiches at home.


"Other Seattle CEOs, like Jeff Bezos and Howard Schultz, have invested their companies’ resources in denying their workers a true democratic choice by delaying, litigating, and openly advocating against unionization."

but they really
don't Believe in
'Workplace Democracy.'

nor in Any democracy
what they Do Believe in
is Top-down Authoritarian Rule

one cannot become a
Billionaire by giving two
Fucks about the 'Bottom' of
the Food Chain. which is why CEOs
are (nearly-) Exclusively "Republicans."

and whilst Handouts
are okay (for the Rich)
they'll Never hand over
Anything without a Fight.

Rock ON

Unite to fight
for Justice & to
Hell with JUST US.


how can
there be Any


@8: To be fair, it is one of the best arguments he’s ever made here. (At the very least, it does not obviously rely upon impending fascism.)

“Those who make neither good arguments nor good sandwiches cannot be expected to make good arguments about sandwiches.” — Me, 2022


At Subway*
YOU be da King!

Make yur
Own fawking sandwhich.

THAT's your
Busyness Plan?

Houston Y'alls
got a Problem.


"(At the very least
it does not obviously
rely upon impending fascism.)"

Safe for Now.



@9 You actually read his shit? The one good thing about it is the recognizable ragged lines that tell you "move along, nothing to see here."


well Done suggssy!
You have Agency
and it's so Easy
to skate right
on past.


@11: I usually take a pass; as you noted, the uneven formatting not only makes it (even) less readable, but also doubles as a deletion-script trigger.

However, this time I guessed (correctly) that he’d miss the obvious point @4, thus earning the pedantic rebuke @8. (Either I’m an awesome practitioner of the prognostic arts, or he’s totally predictable.) So I got to have my fun for free, if you will.


my post had
Nothing to do
with Home Cooking

but you Still
got to do
a little

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