Guest Rant Oct 21, 2022 at 10:02 am

Invest in Quality, Affordable Housing Instead

We are coming together to demand housing justice for all. Courtesy of UAW Local 4121



Justice rhetoric aside, the UW should own and operate a sizable chunk of their students housing as a part of being a functioning university.


So what is this upside that you're not elaborating on? A wee bit of income in scope of the whole dang budget and asset holding.

Since they already own the property, keeping it for the in house folks as it was intended is the way to go. But once one graduates GTFO.


Support to these graduate students and their families. Housing is way too expensive in Seattle and the area surrounding the university. This is a benefit that should go with their jobs which are highly underpaid, to begin with. The university needs to invest in this type of housing, and even expand what they're currently managing and offering. This does not belong in the hands of unscrupulous and private property owners, one of whom even chose to appear on this board, and set a typical example of the type of hateful mindset they "offer" with respect to the university's graduate student body. The university shouldn't be dirtying itself with such dealings.

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