Guest Rant Oct 26, 2022 at 2:09 pm

She'll Do Justice, Not Just Win Cases

Manion has the vision. Courtesy of the Campaign



Lol! The status quo (Manion/Satterberg) is not working for public safety. It is time for change. Vote Farrell


Has Manion ever actually taken a felony case to trial? As far as I can tell, her experience trying cases is limited to civil matters, but maybe I overlooked something.


Everything described here is not the job of the prosecutor's office, its the job of the public defender's office and the judiciary. The prosecutor's job is to uphold the rights of the victim and promote public safety. In both regards the current policies of the DA have failed to uphold these principles. In many of these cases the offender is treated as the victim and the person who was victimized is treated as some kind of oppressor. It's wrong and needs to stop.

"her opponent prefers a return to the failed policies of incarceration for drug crimes that do little other than make it more likely that an individual will reoffend rather than recover and transition into pro-social opportunities."

You know what else is a failed policy. Asking politely and waiting patiently until people who are incapable of making rational decisions somehow magically decide now is the time to get better. In the interim they continue to harm themselves and endanger the rest of society. Enough already.


A vote for Manion is a vote for more junkie zombies living on the streets of Seattle. Why can’t we have nice things? Because of uniformed people voting for people like Manion that enable the bs that is destroying the city.


I'm no longer a King County voter, but I do know that if you want to make it on the pages of The Stranger you can't kindly ask "please vote for [x]," instead you must demand that everyone does what you tell them to.


Yes, Leesa Manion offers the true (complicated, messy, imperfect) version of public safety, and Jim Ferrell offers the comforting assurance that a square-jawed white guy with an Irish surname is in charge. Pretty close call.

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