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Please Speak Up at Public Comment to Stop This

Seattle's survivors are not getting necessary support because there are simply not enough staff staying in the field. And the Mayor wants to effectively cut wages?? gorodenkoff / GETTY



Most city labor contracts have an annual cost of living adjustment tied to CPI. Is that not the case for this class of workers?


@this one is tied to inflation assuming it would rise around 2-4% yearly. This year it has risen upwards of 10% so by limiting the raises to 4% they are arguing its essentially a wage cut. That may be true but given the updated revenue forecast for the city and the fact we are all in the same boat I don't think this argument has much merit.


So a pseudoscience EDMR practitioner is concerned the city might stop funding her?

Good, we shouldn’t be funding pseudoscience practices.


Wait — is the Stranger now for helping victims of domestic violence? Because last year, the Stranger twice endorsed a candidate for City Attorney who promised prosecutions for DUI — and absolutely nothing else. This would have eliminated all new convictions for misdemeanor domestic violence, and thus removed Seattle’s first legal chance to intervene in such situations. Letting misdemeanor-level DV go unaddressed can encourage an abuser to escalate to felony-level DV, at which point the victims’ lives may indeed have become endangered.

I hope this article means the Stranger now takes domestic violence seriously.


Only at the Stranger would...

"Bruce Harrell recently announced a proposal in his budget to make a 1.2% inflation adjustment for social services contracts and to limit wage increases to 4% in the face of 7.6% inflation, effectively cutting our wages."

be interpreted as a "cut in wages".

Golly there... maybe you didn't notice that the bloated Seattle Budget is facing a decline in revenue for the next two fiscal years and heaven forfend we'd actually have to cut spending ....just like the mere mortals who go out and make a living everyday.

Maybe if we didn't defund the police, adopt a catch and release policy with criminals and send social workers to do police work we'd have business which can pay taxes downtown.

Grow Up... and read this very slowly for comprehension.....that's how things work in the real world... if your income declines have to make cuts in your spending.. Ground Breaking isn't it!


Harrell's budget priorities - more money for cops, cut funds for domestic violence workers - is more evidence that Harrell is the worst mayor ever. That's saying a lot when you consider his pernicous predecessors.


@ 6 No, No, No.... We have Murray and Dumbkin as the front runner for title of "worst mayors ever".

Wake up... we have a massive crime problem, homelessness which is (crime + drug) all of which cause business to close and leave the city, causing workers to be laid off ... and stress which causes even more domestic violence.

So, and I know this may sound strange and novel, but you need to get police back on the street to stop the aforementioned and yes, we'll have to cut the budget somewhere else to do it.

And in reality, again, only the stranger calls a wage increase a "cut in in wages" for social workers.


Dear god, is this Gen Z whining at its worst or what?

Oh boo-hoo! Poor me! The work I do is IMPORTANT! Why am I not being paid what I feel I'm worth? How am I ever going to afford a cute view apartment, weed, AND my daily avocado toast???

Econ 101, Sparky. You are paid what the market thinks you're worth. The taxpayers aren't going to spring for more because they know if you won't take what they're offering, they know there's a half-dozen more people behind you who will. And if they can't find enough people, THEN they'll raise the ante. Supply and demand, babe, that's where it's at.

Want to be paid more? Go where the money is; it's not going to come to you just because you feel you're 'special'.

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