Guest Rant Nov 4, 2022 at 11:37 am

And, Yes, We Are Offended by Their Possible Dog Whistle

The Seattle Times building in 1975--about as old as the board's thinking on criminal justice. Seattle Municipal Archives



My favorite part is where they misspelled Manion.


Oh, and Larry Gossett is a carbuncle on this city.


For the last 15 years, Manion served as Satterberg’s chief of staff. In this capacity, she completely botched the prosecution of the gunman, who during rush hour, shot 7 people, killing 1 at the corner of 3rd and Pine.

The multiple failures of the King County Prosecuting Attorney's office fall in the lap of Leesa Manion.

There is only one choice in this election. Vote Jim Farrell.


The progressives are pretty worried about this race judging by the number of editorials and articles they are printing trying to disparage Ferrell. Based on what happened with the city atty race their concern is warranted. Looking forward to Tues and beyond.


@4 Looking forward to Tuesday locally.

Nationally I’m concerned that Q might be the next Speaker of the House.


I voted Ferrell. After reading this, I am at peace with that decision.


Lol did this ranter actually think they were going to convince anyone to not vote for Farrell after reading this garbled mess?


The Times doesn’t “pick” a prosecutor. It’s an endorsement, dumb asses.


King County Prosecutors Office has watched while crime has risen - some of it due to Diversion Programs. Crime has increased in King County, especially shoplifting, property crime, theft and violent crime - much is perpetrated by the same individuals repeatedly showing that the sentences are too lenient and do not incentivize the person to stop doing crime. This needs to stop - we need new blood in the Prosecutors office and new programs that hold criminals to account so when they get out they stop their life of crime. Vote Jim Ferrell - I did.


"Well... there it is... The voter choice.

Vote For Manion -- The Stranger's choice -- you get more of the same (higher crime, more catch and release, more taps on the wrist, explanations) Yeah...more of all of that.... I just love coming home and seeing my car windows bashed in and my apartment tossed.


Jim Ferrell - who couldn't possibly do worse and actually wants to lock up the criminals instead of patting them on the head.

Who will win? All I can will be a refreshing change to come home find my car safe and my apartment undisturbed.


Oh, stuff it. The citizens of Seattle/King County are sick and tired of listening to you lefties tell us we have to live in a hellscape of crime, drugs, trash, defunded police departments and no criminal justice system, where repeat offenders get out of jail and go kill / rob / rape. I don't care what offends you. The danger to law abiding citizens offends me. We need the criminal justice system to actually work again and protect the residents of King County from harm. I doubt many of these guys can be rehabilitated. I'll settle for locked up and away from the rest of us.

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