Guest Rant Dec 5, 2022 at 3:23 pm

Pedersen and Nelson Have Abandoned Governance for Theater

These council members treat public safety as a weapon rather than a crisis that needs sustained, thoughtful attention. Anthony Keo / City of Seattle



Great Reporting.
LOVED this snippet:

"... it’s obvious to anyone who hasn’t been radicalized by right-wing talking points that forty years of low taxes and gutted public services have actually hurt the community."

but the Fascists Gotta defund
Services to Prove the hated
Gov't don't Work. sounds
like Rupert 'Uncle Snoopy'
Murdoch's been whis-
pering in their Ears
tis Sad but His
Reach IS


and they're such
Pretty & Happy


Just how many gallons of spittle did Mr. Davis’ guardians have to wipe from his screen after he hit “send” on this? By now, do they truly understand the folly of letting him out on the internet unsupervised?

If the Stranger wants to talk about “abandoning governance for theater,” they can start with a literal example: their very own Savior of the Showbox, CM Sawant. How fitting — she’s the current senior Member of the Council, yet nowhere in Mr. Davis’ unhinged rant does her name appear. Years of her bitterly divisive politics have left her a useless appendage on a Council she once might have led.

It didn’t have to be this way.


lovely teeth on them folks!


@1 the only people talking about defunding are the progressives and how has that worked out? As @3 stated TS darling has been pulling performative stunts like this her entire time I’m office. Still waiting for the post denouncing her kabuki theater. It’s pretty obvious TS still has not hired an editor. I can’t believe any sane person would allow this word vomit to be published.


@1: Great distorting! Now LOVE this actual reporting:

“Seattle in the last few years has massively expanded how much public money the city spends on homelessness programs, from $50 million in 2015 to a planned $156 million in 2022.”


But that $156M was merely a plan; the reality?

“Harrell said Seattle is spending $173 million in its 2022 budget to fund his homeless action plan. That represents a sharp increase in city funds devoted to homeless issues; in 2018, the spending was $77 million, the KING5 television station reported.”


From 2010-2020, Seattle saw rising minimum wages, rising salaries, falling unemployment, and tens of thousands of new housing units entering service. Combined with massive new government spending on the problem, homelessness should have declined, right?

“[Seattle’s] financial management practices didn’t expand proportionally; the issue has only gotten worse, and more than $800,000 was lost to an alleged fraudster posing as a homelessness nonprofit last year.”

Who was on the Council, overseeing that spending?


@7: Thank you. Yes, kristofarian swallows and regurgitates obviously contra-factual propaganda, misdirects his considerable hatreds onto targets he’s told to hate, and attacks anyone who questions any of this as agents of The Enemy.

Why does he behave in these ways? Because he OPPOSES fascism!


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