Guest Rant Dec 12, 2022 at 9:30 am

A Key Agency Didn’t Mention the Policy in Its Latest Report

The people want it. HK



OPCD's report discusses Alternative 6 at length, and acknowledges that Alternative 6 received the second-highest number of comments. I'm not seeing a problem here.


@1: Having failed completely to address the homelessness situation in Seattle, Real Change now wants to feed off the endless gravy train of “social housing,” and thus is trying to get it declared as a policy option by fiat. OPCD refused to do this, for the simple reason it has no authority to create a “social housing” policy option. Hence this bullying propaganda from Real Change, which falsely claims the OPCD could indeed do this.

Real Change struggled mightily to get I-135 onto the ballot, a humiliating embarrassment to an organization which supposedly exists to perform public outreach. Now, they’re looking at the serious possibility of their I-135 going down hard in February’s Special Election, so they’re trying to create a document trail in support of “social housing.” If I-135 does fail, Real Change wants a document trail it can cite to lobby the City Council to enact the very policy which voters just rejected.


Activists in Seattle are always shocked to learn that the Democrats don't give a fvck about people's needs. ALWAYS.


I'm 100% behind the social housing movement. It is the true and only solution to Seattle's housing crisis and I'm willing to pay for it. The I-135 initiative is stupid and dumb. That probably puts me in the douchebag contingent, but I've seen too many well-meaning efforts in this stupid and dumb city win on election day but lose to 1000 paper cuts.

Listen. We need housing for Seattle's growing population. We don't need it to be green, passive, union, or anything else. It would be nice, but it's not necessary. This is a crisis.

The authors of I-135 are like starving people fussing over whether their food is ethically sourced. Seattle does indeed need green, passive, union, etc, but we need more housing now. NOW now, not the idealist now. I can hear hundreds of lips meeting to ask "But why?" and to that I say "Exactly.". We need housing by any means necessary. This stupid and dumb bill is harbinger to a decade of legal fights and hippie in-fights between the stupid and the dumb.

In case it didn't come across, I think the authors of I-135 are stupid and dumb for putting the obvious solution out of reach. Stupid. And dumb.

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