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I'm Launching a National Movement Called Workers Strike Back

Join our fighting movement. Clay Showalter





Thank you for being you, and for your service. Sad to see you go!


The only reason so much outside money supported her is because it’s the only toehold leftists have gained any power in the US. Her re-election polling must be terrible. After her poor managing of anything is she really qualified to create a new political party? I wouldn’t trust her to run a 7-11. We will never hear of her again.


I applaud anyone, regardless of their political disposition, who takes time out of their lives for pubic service. Thank you Kshama and best wishes going forward.


Ah, yes. I'm sure she'll be lightyears more successful at her little party project nationally than she was here in such a ~conservative~ city that didn't understand her genius.

As Curly Bill said, "Well.... bye."


As the kids say, "Bye Felicia"


This sound like the STAR WARS saga... the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK... Does she have Imperial Walkers or AT's? Hmm....

I can't wait for this one.


Our recall efforts weren't in vain. We may have lost by 310 votes, but we got Sawant silenced this past year, and gained four open positions on the City Council. Finally, we have room to elect people who know what they are doing and will hopefully be able to get Seattle back on track after the trainwreck of Sawant! Hey! Sawant, don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out! Bye, Felicia!!!


May her replacement be one who wants to get some work done instead of showboating.


What the fuck did I just read?!?!?


"Socialism directly opposes human nature and will never, ever, be successful."

No it doesn't. Sure, humans have a survivalist instinct to compete for resources. We've also been demonstrating for hundreds of thousands of years a capability to work together to solve problems when and where they've existed, including those related to extraction and equitable distribution of resources. Like most blanket statements, yours is false and reductive.


@13 wasn’t intended to be racist. Meant any small business. Change it to Subway. She has no business running anything. She’s the far left version of Trump. Divide everyone for their own benefit without caring about the cost to the people she’s elected to represent. The end always justifies the means.


@17: "We've also been demonstrating for hundreds of thousands of years a capability to work together to solve problems when and where they've existed..."

Up until one group of humans disagrees with another on the cause of said problem and how to solve it...

Socialism, capitalism - it doesn't really matter. Fallible human beings will never come up with a system that resists the efforts of other fallible human beings to game it for their own benefit.



I find myself cynically coming to accept that socialism might be an idea ahead of it's time, though there's no reason whatsoever that any attempts at implementation are destined for dicatatorships. I do firmly believe that if there's any hope for our planet and society to exist in 1,000 years (or even 500) we're going to have to no choice but to adopt a more cooperative model for survival. Say what you will about socialism, but capitalism is proven exploitative and destructive, and isn't built for the long haul.


Don't disagree, though I firmly believe that as a species, we're capable of bettering our collective selves. Hence my point about socialism being an idea ahead of it's time.


Sawant still thinks this is 19th century England and kids are loosing hands in shuttle looms... The thought of organizing unions in crappy service jobs is absurd. Especially when they have decent wages and health care already in place. I drove all across the U.S. in 2022. Help wanted signs for the trades EVERYWHERE. Paid apprenticeships, in long standing unions or independent shops, with real wages and healthcare. Sawant should organize young people to get some skills and make themselves invaluable. Not perpetual pissed off revolutionaries dependent on her ego.


I think she will do well in her new home of her own making. She needs to be surrounded with acolytes and sycophants who will believe her every word, rather than the general public.

After all, without the thousands of dollars from out of state socialist organizations she never would have survived recall or reelection. And a thanks to Seattle voters which banned outside contributions, but not from her supporters. Over half of her campaign’s 2,876 donors for the recall were located outside the city limits.

Maybe she can go wherever they live, to be closer to the money that kept her going.


Building relationships is an enormous part of the job of any legislator. Whether you have 8 other colleagues on a city council, or 434 colleagues in the HOR you’re not going to accomplish anything by yourself. You need allies and to get allies you’re going to have to develop mutually acceptable compromises.

Sawant admitted that she’s really bad at her job because she values posturing over working with others.


centrist and corporate Dems
are to the right of Nixon
if the parties are not
Nudged leftward
will exercise
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& you'll Never
un-elect a


Sawant: you destroyed our beautiful city with your hate, lies, and narcissism. You emulated trump in an alter ego way, feeding off bullying and trampling everyone who messed with your ego. You were the worst thing to happen to seattle. You lied, you cheated, you bullied, and didn’t give a care who died as a result. Good riddance to the worst council member in this generation.


@22 just because you are frustrated with capitalism at times doesn’t make socialism a legitimate alternative. You still have the 1% in socialist countries except they are driven by power and simply take what they want from producers under the guise of redistribution. The masses are no better off and everywhere it has been attempted it has been an unmitigated disaster. Sawant is simply another idealogue using peoples suffering to advance her own quest for power. She’s a clown and like all clowns the act wears thin after a while. She won’t be missed and will soon be relegated to persona non grata.


JFC. Your “inauguration”? Presidents (you know, important people) get inaugurated. You were sworn in.

And BTW, nothing’s done more to fuck over housing for the poor than your suite of “tenant protection “ laws. You might want to look at how many rental housing units the city has lost in your tenure. In contrast, I don’t seem to remember you actually advocating for a responsible public housing program. THAT, rather than calling for tarring and feathering landlords, might have worked.


Hilarious that Dewey is almost the only voice of reason here. All you uninformed simps on here thinking SA didn’t get anything done for working people these past 3 terms are morons. Keep drinking the haterade and who are you going to blame for “ruining your city” (yeah right the changes you have seen in the city in the past 10 years are surely due to a single council member who you all claim to have been somehow both ineffective and yet also single handed ly capable of ruining a city of hundreds of thousands of people, fucking morons).

Go get ‘em SA.


That’s the thing with cult followings like sawant worshipers or trump worshipers: they’ll believe anything their leader says and refuse to believe the fact checking. Sawant was just a con…


@35: “…thinking SA didn’t get anything done for working people these past 3 terms…”

So many examples, you couldn’t pick even one, eh?

“…somehow both ineffective and yet also single handed ly capable of ruining a city…”

That’s not a contradiction. She was ineffective as a legislator, and her method was always the same: divisively pit one community against another, ensuring nothing useful would get done. For example, when citizens noted the EHT used gross revenues, not net revenues, and that this should be fixed, she basically told them to fuck off, and then she flounced out of the meeting:

‘The knife really came out with Safeway, though, and this is also where Sawant went off the rails. Provoked by a comment by Spady that “any taxes that causes Safeway to lose jobs is a bad one,” Sawant responded with a prepared talking point that Safeway is owned by Albertson’s, which has $59 billion in annual revenues. This time the response came from the audience instead of Spady, when several people retorted that revenues are not profits. Sawant simply responded, “It’s not a struggling business,” to which the audience shouted back that it is. At the end of the next panel session, Sawant returned to the topic, reading another prepared talking point that Albertson’s is on Forbes’ “top companies” list, so it couldn’t possibly be struggling. Then she left the meeting.’ (

Lovely behavior you’re defending there.

“Go get ‘em SA.”

Go away.


YAY!!! Great day for Seattle. Too bad it's going to take years to recover from all the crime and all the businesses she has systematically driven out of downtown. She was instrumental in taking the Emerald City and turning into a dark, crime ridden, boarded up city. But on the brighter side, at least most of the money she collected for the "cause" got funneled straight back to her pockets. I guess her supporters couldn't see past the picket signs. She actually WAS one of the 1% that they had campaigned so vigilantly against. She has milked Seattle dry. I wonder why she kept her waterfront address out of the publics grasps. Was it to help keep her neighborhood clean and safe? No homeless people camping there. I feel bad for the next city that she "helps". GOOD RIDDANCE!!!


19th century robber baron capitalism also failed, so get off your high horse, bozo from the right. You clowns call America socialist now, when the NUMBER ONE problem is private property ownership, not that it's allowed, as it should be, but that it's allowed for conglomerates to own thousands of homes at once and drive up prices at will. On top of that, small business has been driven out of our cities, leaving awful boring hulks where in other countries lynchpin restaurants and bars are supported by local edicts. Republicans, spare us your bs, your nonsense lack of solutions have been rejected the planet over, or maybe Americans are just reserved as the last plantation labor in the developed West, rotten health care coverage, rotten transportation, just work for big daddy corporation and then Wall St will eat your pension before you get to retire. No thanks, I'm picking a better way called emigration from this dumpster fire of confederate racism and bigotry and ignorance.

That said, pie in the sky ideas that 'jail doesn't work' and the ridiculous gender bs going on have destroyed the democrat brand among sane moderate people who realize we don't have time for frivolities when the pyschotic religious right is trying to turn us into Putin's ally. America is done until the rural dopes wake up from 50 years of 'corporations are your friend and govt is your enemy' nonsense, which isn't likely since the country club elites are master propagandists and only hire the best. Nope the suckers will keep blaming the weakest in society for the problems elites caused.

America is done, Seattle is done. I wish the revolutionaries luck, but don't go for Cuba-style socialism either. It's a total disaster, the right is on point about that. The problem is that America can't get to the proper level of Denmark socialism because we have too many people and too many guns, and too many idiots who will never listen to anyone but Tucker Carlson. Kind of amazing for a populist movement to bow to a guy who is the spokesman for Sperry Topsider shoes, the uniform of Little Lord Fauntleroy. Such a snivelling little ivy leaguer Phucker is, but the pathetic working class losers follow him like lemmings. At least PA and NV elected some old-school WORKING Dems, as opposed to the THINKING AND BLATHERING Dems this city specializes in.


And to the idiotic right which keeps claiming America is falling into socialism, while we have a FEW safety net programs that are seeing SOME abuse like Section 8 being abused by drug addicts, most American social net programs are doing what they designed to do, help society, including children which you'll need to save your lives in the future, although you've done such a great job of cratering the birth rate by being the greediest generation in American history (talking to you, economic ripoff artist and national tax cut loving Republicans), that you're just put in a wheelchair and left outside. The younger generation has NO interest in saving the greedy elders who ruined this country and the planet with their relentless waste.

How many of the right-wing bozos are aware that America is actually LESS socialist than it was under Eisenhower and Nixon? All the deregulation that Reagan, Bush AND Clinton got passed (plus Citizens United) gave corporations and Wall St FAR MORE POWER than they had in the 1950s, the golden age MAGA wants to return to. Sure, let's go back there and rediscover the American SOCIALIST REGULATION of the Financial Sector that was developed by people who got screwed by Wall St during the GREAT DEPRESSION and didn't want it to happen again. Anyone know Glass Steagal? Which mandated separation of retail banking and investment firms? And a Democrat removed it. Bill Clinton. Best step n fetch it Dem for Republican elites ever. Kind of hard to keep your working class brand when you sell it out so vigorously. Can't argue with Sawant on that one. Too bad most of her ideas came from some radical Indian fantasist commune bs they disposed of long ago. Anyone who's been to a communist country knows it does not work. What works is a hybrid and it's never perfected, so people who act like one side or the other is the answer are literally full of it.

The one thing the right wing never knows is ACTUAL AMERICAN HISTORY. They're just a crew of braying sheep who have no idea WTF they're talking about when it comes to communism and socialism. And yeah, the Dems have BLOWN it on crime recently. Rescinding 25 year sentences for crack cocaine was NEVER SUPPOSED TO MORPH TO SLAPS ON THE WRIST FOR GRAND THEFT AUTO. I don't remember signing for THAT BS! Or sending young men nabbed in armed robberies into some bs release program. PHU THAT AND PHU that entire base culture of supporting crime as some sort of redress. The amount of bogus entitlement on all sides is really mind-blowing. The old legacy white thieves of this country have got more than 98% of the white migrants that came after them also, and the only answer is to work hard and get your piece. Good luck taking large amounts of property from rich people. Not saying it's fair, but it just is and spending time on that project is a waste of time short of voting for PEOPLE TO RAISE TAXES ON THE WEALTHY. If cities want to give up reparations, fine, but stopping fentanyl at the border and ARRESTING CAR JACKERS instead of apologizing for them would prob do more to improve city life.

America is split. I don't see it getting better, but people are too lazy for civil war also, so it will have to get better somehow, but it will take a long time, too long for me.


Is the city better off now or when you were elected?


@41 Sawant made everyone her enemy and brought so much divisive rhetoric. Instead of uniting as a democratic liberal city working together towards a better future she used trump tactics to make us worse off blocking progress.


Kshama is the best thing to happen to Seattle politics. I admire her tenacity, passion and devotion to workers and renters. She has pushed the City Council further to the left than any other Council member. Without her, there would be no tax on big Seattle corporations. She was also successful in stopping the proposed police bunker on Aurora Ave. I admire her and look forward to the next phase in her successful activist process.


I am a socialist and Sawant is perhaps the most cuntentious politician, next to Trump, to serve elected office. She forgets that other members on council were elected by their constituents. Her achievements were not hers alone but the city's. Often I felt that if she'd just keep her snout shut she would have accomplished something. Sheesh.


The best is her trying to defund the police…. Then want their help. Hypocrisy …..table for one please.


Goodbye, dumbass. You won't be missed.


So happy Sawant is not running. Now, it's time to repair the damage she did.


I wrote a thread on this here:

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