Guest Rant Nov 20, 2023 at 9:00 am

And Show Up to City Hall Tuesday to Lend Your Voice to the Cause

Ready for round two. Margot Stewart



I have only one thing to say to Council member Sawant.

Good Riddance.


I concur with Sir Toby II


The Seattle City Council can't change anything in Gaza.

There are, however, many issues right here at home that the Seattle City Council could--and should--address. For instance, in the two weeks the Seattle City Council has been debating this resolution, approximately 50 persons in our King County suffered fatal drug overdoses.


"The Seattle City Council can't change anything in Gaza."

Irrelevant when politics has become a religion. Religion thrives on symbolism and rituals.


Yet another wedge issue for the progressive left, if we let it be. I don’t disagree with the position, but it’s the wrong venue. Let’s see this grandstanding for what it is: another crack at dividing a community that has some challenges, but agrees in 80% of the issues and working towards resolution.


The SCC is correct to stay the fuck out of this. It is not the business of a City Council to weigh in on international conflicts.


Nash, let's skip the idiotic performative crap and do city business. Won't miss this twit on Council.


@8: After ten years of talking about rent control, the issue finally fizzled out in a damp squib of a performative display. CM Sawant “packed the room” with persons, most of whom read, with varying degrees of ineptitude, from the same script. The script demanded the legislature enable rent control. A few small landlords tried to explain what was wrong with this approach, but they were ignored, with varying degrees of rudeness.

I boldly predict the same here, but with a few anti-Semitic loons sneaking in to deliver some fun conspiracy theories, because Israel.


The Stranger should stop promoting this sort of performative BS and instead focus on issues that are the City Council’s responsibility to address.

Sawant —and Herbold, and Mosqueda, and Lewis— can’t be gone soon enough.


The ironic part is if she toned down the rhetoric and vitriol this will probably pass easily. As it is, it will be interesting to see if any of them bother to show up in person knowing what a shit show this is going to be. Despite her usual toxic deliver I can see it passing now that the election is over and you have Herbold, Mosqueda and Sawant leaving with Morales free to stop pretending she is not a card carrying member of DSA. They only need to sway Lewis or Strauss (which is not difficult) and they'll have the 5 votes they need.


I'm in D4. Does Alex Pedersen even show up for work anymore?


Sawant hates Jews being alive. We get it she wants Hamas to have some time to regroup so they can come back and “decolonize” Israel with rape, torture, murder and kidnapping.


@3 is correct, and I'm tired of all the military flights using more fossil fuels due to the pro-Hamas protesters making us not use naval shipping instead.

You do realize the material will get there no matter what you do, right?


Because Israel really cares about what Sawant and a bunch of nobodies in Seattle think.


When is Sawant gone from the City Council? Because that day can't come soon enough. Maybe if the Council spent more time working on Seattle's problems, rather than performative acts that will have no bearing on the situation in Gaza, we'd all be better off.

Leave the foreign policy to the federal government - it's one of the powers explicitly reserved for them.


Fuck you and fuck off already.




Just go away - you divide rather than build consensus. Fuck off Sawant.


Now we just need Benjamin Netanyahu to tell Seattle how to reduce homelessness, solve behavioral health problems, fix the City’s budget, and increase public safety, and close that loop!




@19 the irony, Netanyahu is screamed at about illegal settlements in his territory by a Seattle politician that claims no person is illegal and people have a right to squat anywhere they choose. Who by her own choice immigrated to this settler colony from her native land of South Asia. And now she lectures. Oh the irony. It’s almost like she doesn’t like some specific demographic of people.


I just know if the Seattle City Council really puts their mind to it, they can solve the Israeli-Palestinan conflict.


@22: And their solution will be one hundred million billion more times even more effective than their solutions to homelessness, crime, inequity, and high rents have been.


Fuck Sawant and her resolution too.


While I'm normally a Sawant supporter, I'm not with her on this. While I still lean more towards the Palestinian people and recognize that Netanyahu is a right wing authoritarian thug, Hamas needs to be destroyed if there is to ever be any hope for peace and an independent Palestinian state. I think Biden is handling this beautifully, as he is strongly supporting them, while challenging Netanyahu to avoid excess, and finally putting some conditions on American aid.


bye felicia


(I really hope the stranger got paid to publish this tripe)


how many people were robbed this weekend in seattle, how many cars were stolen and used to smash through storefronts?
we are going to set a new record for murders this year (worse than those scary 90s i keep hearing about...but seattle was SO mich worse in the 90s!!!).
kids are getting arresting with guns at an alrming rate.
but kshama wants to push meaningless resolutions.
so worthless.


Don’t let the door hit you, Sawant.


Fuck you Kshama Sawant. For ten years you have ignored the needs of your constituents, placing your national party over our local issues. Fuck you a million times over. And yet, as you are going out, you speak up about no playground at Denny Blaine. For once in 10 years I agree with you! Fuck you Kshama for all the damage you have done to district 3. Fuck you.


So, how did CM Sawant’s event go? Did the Seattle City Council resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict? Do tell, Stranger!


Anyone notice that english newspapers often feature really hard core zionist-Americans settlers who are occupying Palestine? They should have their US citizenship revoked for joining a military (or militia) that is involved in ethnic cleansing.


A modest word of advice to Hammas and any other terrorists :
If you don't want your next-door-neighbor to attack you and kill your people, simply don't attack them and kill their people first.
It's as simple as that.

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