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From Scab to Scrapped

Carroll’s tenure in Seattle was a microcosm of progressivism’s inability to reconcile the contradictions inherent to capitalism. Jennifer Stewart / GETTY



Now I’m trying to picture professional sports under communism.

I still like Pete. There are about 1,000,000 capitalist coach bro-bots who would gladly take his place, and his team, er, workers, liked working with him.


Thanks for the guest rant.
I am ambivalent about most things connected to professional sports, including Pete Carroll.
Knowing he was willing to cross the picket line and be there for the fans raises him in my esteem.


Remember that Carroll and the Seahawks churned through a substantial number of players in pre-seasons the first couple years he was there- and fans wondered what the heck he was doing. Yes, over time his knowledge of NCAA players from his time coaching USC faded, and the Seahawks became just another mid-market team overpaying for players (like the Mariners). But what a phenomenal group Carroll put together!


I'm sure that the sort of abuse that Nadia Comaneci suffered in socialist republic Romania was unique to the repressive and brutal nature of the Ceausescu dictatorship, and definitely never happened in Soviet Russia.


Pete Carroll is a mediocre coach who had a couple of outstanding drafts early on, for which he gets partial credit.


Who gives a hot damn about pro-sportball? But hell, it's amazing how Seattle's hard right and hard left unify on the critical need to spend large amounts of public and private money on this trivial entertainment choice. Go, millionaires! Defeat the other millionaires!


Coach Pete
made Football
in Seattle FUN.

cancerous Growth-
at-ALL-Costs has taken
alotta the Joy outta "Sports" and
turned it into Just Another Profit Center*

and now the nfl's
gone from being beholden
to Big Broadcast to teaming
up with Big Gambling, Inc. oh my

gonna either
kill us all or die
of its own Accord.

I'm pullin' for the latter
but betting on
the former.

*sorry about your
Bodies, "Players"!
Remember: It's
just Business!


I bet a friend $20 that The Stranger would host an inane commentary about Pete Carroll. I feel so bad about him taking such a no-brainer bet that I’m going to refuse to take the money.


@8 what a Tearjerker!
I feel so Sorry for
your friends.


With a minimum draft contract of $750,000 - who precisely are the “ blue collar players” the author references?


“From Scab to Scrapped”

Shaun Scott should tell whomever wrote this subhead what Scott’s article actually says: Carroll was never a scab player.


Maybe The Stranger should become a union shop before it starts publishing articles calling people scabs, especially when the person they're calling a scab never actually crossed a picket line.


As part of management, Pete would not have been considered a scab (even if he played); that said, the author is mistaking a good story for fact. Per the referenced article:

“Pete was going to be our quarterback if we couldn’t get anybody else,” Wiggin, Minnesota’s defensive line coach in 1987, said in 2017 about the strike-replacement games. “So that’s how our situation was. He wasn’t a quarterback, but he was a heck of an athlete and he could throw. He was willing to be our quarterback, and he probably could have done it.”

Never let the truth get in the way of a socialist rant (god I miss what TS used to be).


Another salty Commie article from the Stranger complaining about people who work harder and are more successful than you.


they about
Due for a brand
New STADIUM? and all
for UNDER $3B! get a Nice One!

it's an Awesome
Investment! for
The Owners.

not Us

how much
are Tickets?

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