Guest Rant May 17, 2024 at 9:34 am

Keeping BIPOC Communities in Place as Light Rail Expands Should Be a Key Component of the Seattle Transportation Levy

Community members participating in the Graham Street visioning/planning process. Courtesy of Puget Sound Sage



Any improvement to our city is inherently racist! Stop all progress in the name of progressivism!


More taxes!!
Let’s squeeze the people for even kore money!


Yes, let's increase the levy to $1.9B because its just a few dollars more for every homeowner. In the meantime Big Dollar Dow is shuffling cards and moving the KC health clinics to be under the purview of Harborview. Why you ask? Well the legislature gave the KC council the ability to raise property taxes to support hospitals without having to go to the voters so now he can move the health clinics there and just raise property taxes to support them with a simple council vote. I'm sure they will also need to double the size of the ask for those so we can expand services as well. Maybe we can move the social housing project under Harborview as well?


What you have ensured is that we will have a transit system that serves the ID and the rest of Seattle poorly, for generations to come. In your own words "The deep irony is that those of us most at risk of displacement use public transportation far more than the higher-wage earners who displace us from our neighborhoods." So yeah, congrats on taking that away from the people who need it most.


Millionaires and billionaires won't pay a dime.

They'll just increase their windfall profits that come from increased gentrification.

While poor people, working people, ordinary people, watch their taxes go up. Again. And again.

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