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Especially After Landmark Supreme Court Rulings and the Prospect of Trump’s Return to the White House

If elected to city council, I will work to unite our city and fight for our constitutional rights, working in coalition with other leaders at all levels of government. Naomi See



I stopped reading at “Normally, Democrats avoid scare tactics…”


Prepare to impeach Trump "On Day One".


“Increase our local investment into … programs serving people experiencing homelessness;”

Those programs have failed so catastrophically, record numbers of local homeless persons have now died of overdoses. Throwing more money at those programs has indeed become the very definition of insanity.


IOW, in the event the country goes insane and elects Trump, let's make sure the local middle class goes broke trying to cover all the refugee costs.


"woke culture warriors" = anyone not a white supremacist (and most often, anyone not born with a penis who identifies as a heterosexual male). fuck these assholes. white supremacists want the world that they used to inhabit, where everyone else exists solely to serve their needs. white supremacy has survived because of its savagery - it's acolytes will slaughter anyone and everyone who gets in their way. the global majority is not cis/het/white/male and they will not succeed in returning us back to the stone age. they are going to fuck around and find out.


The reason Democrats are losing and Trump's coming in, is because Democrats, including the progressive fraudsters, got behind Biden on the war in Ukraine, which also opened the doorways to Oct 7th and everything that's since happened between Israel and Gaza -- and that wouldn't have happened if Biden hadn't decided to fulfill his (apparently) lifelong psychopathic quest for a 3rd WW with Russia - and by turning Ukraine into a NATO launch pad for nuclear missiles aimed at Moscow.

Democrats don't want to hear the truth: and this is why Trump is going to win. Russiagate was an election hoax started by their heroine Clinton (who, btw, turned Libya, with Obama, into a slave market - remember?). We're not exactly talking about sane people with a sane track record if you've been paying attention to the rest of the world - which has, btw, been paying attention.

Democrats also turned out to be total hypocrites on the pandemic, which isn't a plug for Trump, but it's not exactly going to do Democrats any good in Nov, either, when the 40 million Americans who are still masking because they know we're still in a pandemic, may not be voting for Trump, but they're not going to be voting for Biden either. They'll just be staying home or writing in their favorite physician who didn't lie to them like the White House and the CDC has been doing. And all this - and no guaranteed health care either. Remember when that was still a thing?

Meanwhile, as Democrats ignore all that good advice along with Biden's slaughter abroad to the tune of well over 100 billion in U.S. tax money, Americans are in serious economic pain and instability that has nothing to do with the endless blah-blah-blabbing about identity politic.s It's become nothing more than an excuse and diversion from the economic issues people are facing. The cost of food in the grocery store, the lack of guaranteed health care like other developed nations, the ever-rising rents (and different ways to do that in Seattle!) while people's incomes are not going up.

I find it a total joke on another board here, where comments are now closed, that the city can't find mental health workers for youths. There are so many people with bachelors or masters in psychology or sociology or education who could easily work with teenagers. But they build a mountain of bureaucracy and secret exclusive networks between the human beings and the jobs. And eventually they hire people from outside the country, through other corrupt networks, and while increasing numbers of Americans (who are very well qualified) go without stable employment. And mental health workers for cops? (Same closed discussion board) Are you kidding me? Cops have great health benefits including mental health. They can easily see a psychologist any time they want. The question is whether they want. And I guess not!


@6 "serious economic pain and instability" - CHRONIC, which Williamson, interestingly, has been the ONLY candidate - including all noticeable 3rd party and independent candidates - to not only address, but substantively - and in terms of the greater majority of Americans, 60%, that is.

Like the pandemic, this isn't a plug for Trump, but it's not going to get Biden past the gate, and as he continues to cognitively deteriorate in public, further diminishing any view that the president is even in charge.

As Democrats continue to engage in excuses and denials, this country is headed for disaster.


@7 "disaster" - it's not a matter of IF - it's a matter of when.


@3 It would be far more effective to simply give all Americans a livable basic income tailored to the cost of living. It would cut through the flak of a lot of issues, including homelessness - and since the homeless could then just go and get housing. Others could use it to pay down debt, start a business, pay for childcare - or allow them to stay home and take care of their children themselves- or care for other family members -- and there are going to be increasing numbers of Americans who are disabled (due to covid) ... the list of remedies a UBI would serve is endless ... but of course the Democrats and GOP would never do this. Our government is entirely dysfunctional - and at all levels, it seems.

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