50 dead, and doubtless so many life in a wheelchair blinking out requests, or drooling in a back room with brain damage.

Is it a abject waste of breath to go through the all to usual motions? Is it perversely then nothing more than entertainment by outrage? A time to be captivatingly angry over our phones?

Pretty much. Fuck it, move on, this is America as it is and will be.
An .... All the usual motions. My thumbs are spasmodically angry this morning ...
It could have been much worse--Congress is close to passing a bill (HR 3668, the SHARE Act) to allow silencers on rifles. Imagine if no one heard the shots. Imagine if the police had no way of figuring out where the shots were coming from.

Call Congress ASAP to try to block HR 3668!…
When trump used his own words (via tweet) he wrote 'warmest condolences'. Can someone explain wtf that is? Who combines those words? The robot trump successfully read a weirdly religious statement on TV but he must be fuming now for having behaved like an almost sentient being.
Hang on to all those "thoughts'n'prayers" the politicians are twitting this morning. That's all you'll get out of that bunch.
The best thing you can do as an individual right now is to give blood. Just go do it, they give you a cookie.

You can also donate money to the Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada, a group that offers physical and mental care to those who can not afford it, or directly to the Southern Nevada branch of the American Red Cross. Here are the links since the first two posts on this event did not have enough room for them after all the condescending and needless political snark:…

@4: Just be content in the knowledge that you are focusing on what truly matters at a time like this.
5) You can both concentrate on what matters and realize that what other people are doing are complete and total bullshit too.

For example, because my ten year monogamous relationship is with a man, the FDA thinks I'm a dirty ho and I'm not allowed to give blood unless I become celibate. I can totally recognize the good that blood donations do while also recognizing that this policy is complete bullshit.

See, it's not that hard!
Sorry, meant @6, not @5.
@ 4,

It's a graphic illustration of how someone with a sociopathic personality disorder tries and fails to immitate people who have morals and a conscience.
@7: Way to make it all about you.
The problem with blood donations right after a disaster is that much of the blood will end up being wasted: they get a huge surplus amount of blood that isn't going to be used.

The better way is to give blood on a regular basis to help keep a steady flow of blood available.
@7: Of all the things going on in the world and you're still ruminating over that? I suggest counting your blessings. Stop pouting, you'll feel better, and it make relationships even better.

How did he make it all about himself and why are you concentrating on other people's comments instead of on what's really important at a time like this?
Seeking info from our gun folks: how many rounds per second can someone fire over multiple minutes from a semi-auto firearm?

This appears to have been at least 1/sec (if 600 rounds per 10 min) or higher.
@11: Sure, habitual giving is always preferable, but those on the ground are begging for blood donations right now. Don't try to get people to think twice about giving blood.

@14: A semi-auto fires as fast as you can pull the trigger, so it is going to max out at about 120 rounds per minute (rpm), but you are going to have zero accuracy at that rate, and you will likely put strain on the barrel. Controlled fire from an amateur is going to top out at about 50 rpm.

That being said, it is possible to acquire automatic weapons, and illegal modifications can be made to increase fire rate. But these scenarios are unlikely.
Thoughts, prayers, etc.
@10 - unsurprisedeyeroll.gif

@12 - Fuck you.
this thread sucks almost as much as people getting shot up
I thought Obama was going to take all our guns away.
It's certainly not the most important thing, but since medical personnel involved in the care of the victims say that the best thing you can do to help is donate blood, the fact that blood donation centers continue to unfairly and unscientifically refuse to accept blood from men who have sex with men, is kinda relevant.

Since most of us have a normal capacity for empathy and sense of justice, we can care about more than one thing at once.
Right on: 7 and 20!

Sure, the House is voting on silencers and should that abomination ever get to Trump's desk he will warmly sign on...

But Hillary Clinton's emails...
@21: .... were a result of her many self-inflected wounds that cost her the election.
@22 - You remind me of Sarah Huckabee Sanders; more spin than lie, but still slimy and deceitful.

But hey, that's modern conservatism for ya.
And all modern conservatives lie, and much like everything else about modern conservatism, Trump made it explicit and standard operation procedure.
Talking about donating blood is a great distraction and/or normalizing comment that gets trotted out these days - along with hearts and prayers, words cannot express, it could happen anywhere, there's no way to prevent these things, this is the age we live in etc.

It's like it's time to reset the sign at the White House 'it's been 0 days since our last mass killing'.

I think that's the point of Dan and Charles' commentary
@23: Just reading Shattered. My vote for Hillary wasn't a lie. My contributions to her campaign weren't a lie. And to say that she is one of the worst candidates in American history isn't a lie either.

But somebody already compared me to Kellyanen Conway, so if you don't mind, I would rather you think of me paired with Kellyanne, rather than with Sarah.
@24: Donald Trump is non-idealogical.
@27 - Thats the exact shit I'm talking about.
@28: By conventional ways he is. You can't tell me that the House leadership wasn't shocked when Trump went with Schumer and Pelosi in that recent spending bill. In regard to the "populist nationalism" being talked about and Steve Banon's philosophy - Trump indeed has a organic penchant for that.

But, as you know, Trump has a moment-by-moment disposition on everything, no discipline, no curiosity, which makes any sort of guiding principles on a political ideology (anywhere on the spectrum) elusive to him, and aggravating even to his supporters.
@29 - Do his most fervent supporters consider themselves highly conservative or highly liberal? Because that's who he is too.

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