Death to the fucked up NRA NOW!


Ever since the Blethens clan had the sheer audacity to foolishly endorse 4-time LOSER and Trumpty Dumpty yes-man, Dino Rossi, I have been proudly boycotting The Seattle Times.


Maybe somebody stole his phone?


@2 yes, I agree the Seattle Times is fish wrap.
Except, I'd be insulting the quality northwest salmon inside that worthless newspaper.


@5 pat L: I agree: spare the PNW salmon. I do think The Seattle Times, along with The Bellingham Herald would make for excellent birdcage liner, though.


You know, there will never be a second major newspaper in Seattle. As long as the Seattle Times keeps clinging to life, nobody else gets a chance. When they finally pull the plug, the field will be wide open for local media that sucks a lot less. Well, a little less. And is maybe more modern. Maybe.


Good excuse to lure gun-humping redneck cops into a legal battle that they will lose. It will completely ruin their careers, but they can always hold out for a pardon.


"Technicalities can certainly doom laws in court and who knows, maybe these gun lovers have a point, but they don't appear to be confident enough to bring this argument into a court of law."

They have. A second time now, after changing their legal strategy.

@8: "a legal battle that they will lose"

That might very well be the plan. NRA sues the county sheriffs. Sheriffs throw the fight and lose the court case. I-1639 goes down in court. Precedent set.

"It will completely ruin their careers"

Look at which counties are being sued. These guys will be heros back at home, no matter what you think.


Cops should not veto laws. They, or someone with standing, should go to court and ask a judge to stay enforcement pending a decision on the constitutonality. That's the rule of law. That said, The Stranger didn't kvetch when City Attorney Peter Holmes announced he wasn't going to prosecute marijuana cases (before he couldn't). Wasn't that wrong also?

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