Um, duh?
comrades! eliminate rent, all private property - its mean and makes people work hard and have responsibilities!
Really, who cares. We got pink hat prorests to worry about. If people cant live in Seattle, then they should move. It not like their jobs are paying them enough to live anyway, right? So you’re working your butt of just to live and give wealthy liberals and identity polititians your money, while the rest of the country is starting to see some hope. So why not move to a place with a lower cost of living, have the same opportunity of another low paying job somewhere else and see more Trump benefits in your household. It may have to be a “red state”, but then one would have to ask themselves: “what has a blue state done for me lately - except worry about human trafficking and DACA”? (YAY! More low-wage democratic voters)…
Rent's high, several of the grocery stores that used to be open 24 hours a day are closing due to homeless crashing in the stores and the spike in shoplifting, more and more people are camping out in their cars or in doorways than ever before.

Seattle just is starting to suck ass these days. Liberalism has failed
Poor people in worse health, study says.

"How can we spin this to gain support for policies that will help young, white, college educated suburban immigrants to Capital Hill pay less rent?" white liberal blogosphere responds.

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