There is no intelligent life east of the Cascades.
I'm planning on being a frequent visitor to Spokane this fall working for Lisa Brown. If just a few hundred of us West Siders made that commitment, we could probably flip some state House seats and maybe a Senate seat too.
Even a one year-old baby would scrunch up her face and spit "this shameless, lying biznatch is so full of shit, it's pouring outta her ears."
White people always believe it when other WASPy white persons in tailored clothes bullshit them.
@4) Not True. A 1 year old cannot construct a sentence.
@6, Neither can a Spokane voter.
She had a white nationalist college student working for her. He was over in Charlottesville making trouble.Like, she didn't know what he was about? Like, he didn't know what she was about when he went to work for her?

Would the voters please throw these closet white nationalists out of Congress?
#1 Other than the 40% of voters there who DON'T vote for the anti-democracy right, AND the farmworkers who are organizing to get the farmers to recognize their unions and their rights and their basic humanity.
She supports Trump in Congress, so she does keep voting to protect ONE sick dude.

When I see a Socialist Alternative candidate on the Pend Orielle county council, I'll believe the East is Red. Until then, the east is just dead.
@11 keep condescending like that and it'll help re-elect CMR this year and Trump in 2020. Nothing is gained by mocking people you see as provincial.

In Pend Orielle County, they have their own equivalent of Nessie or the Abominable Snowperson. They call him the Snoo.

Now, nobody's ever seen the Snoo, although cryptozoologists calm to have definite proof of its existence from it's scat. It's said to exude a powerful aroma that could level Tacoma, and may in fact be an evolved trait that allows it to elude detection.

The moral of this story?

if the Snoo shits, bear it.


I just returned from the UK in February where my elderly father passed away . He was admitted to Hospital and diagnosed within 24 hours. All manner of X rays, CT scans were made in a very well equipped facility. His condition was terminal (stomach cancer) but all sorts of care was offered to extend my Dad's 89 year old life. Unfortunately they would not have improved the quality of life of this very active man. He passed away peacefully a few weeks later at a Hospice.

For this my mum, sister (UK residents) and I were billed nothing.

When I returned to the US my wife had surgery, in the UK the same surgery is 3 nights in hospital followed by 1 week in-patient physical therapy.
The surgeon and hospital here (Swedish) were good. In the US my wife's Primera insurance allows an overnight stay. The one week of being up all night nursing (administering meds getting her to the toilet) for my wife and four-six weeks of re-hab is on "64 year old" me. Luckily I work for an employer who was very flexible with my work hours. The bills and EOBs are coming in, 18 individual ones so far total $30K, but only $2K patient responsibility so far, probably $3500 at the end of the day. We are lucky we can afford this.

Honestly, we need single payer.

@13 You have no experience with what you are talking about.
@13 "The problem with Obamacare is that it will self implode under its mandated provisions."

Well, certainly, it WILL, ever since little Marco Rubio (R-FL) gutted the section where the feds'd step in and help out the insurance corps. Really pulled a boner there, little Marco.
Also @13 "Why not bifurcate the system and put those who can not qualify due to pre-existing conditions or unable to afford private health insurance. under medicare or medicaid and let the rest of us apply under private insurance. At least the poor and uninsured will have coverage, all be it [bet you meant 'albeit'], not as good as private insurance, but they will have an acceptable level of care and I think this country can afford and has that obligation to our most vulnerable."

Why not indeed.
To number 1, yes, there is intelligent life east of the Cascades. There's even a thriving arts scene here. The coffee is excellent and many of the restaurants serve farm to table fare at a much, much more affordable cost than anything you'd find in Seattle. That being said, Cathy McMorris Rodgers' presence here hasn't done much for Eastern Washington. I lost track of how many times last year I called, wrote, emailed, and faxed that woman, begging for her to not cancel my healthcare. She ignored me every time. I'm staunchly a Lisa Brown supporter.
#20- thx for chiming in. Too many wet-siders have no idea there really are a lot of very progressive people living in red districts in E Washington.
The experience of maintaining relations with people in a small town who have different political opinions is something East siders are familiar with that 'coasties' generally aren't.
That kind of gives you guys a healthier outlook. A local Republican official might be a decent human being or he might be a prick.
Out here on the coast we just assume they are all pricks.
@19: “To our UK resident who give a singular experience...which he suggest is how the entire system works. Well who is being naive here?“

He gave actual examples of UK and US healthcare systems in action. By contrast, you simply repeated the same smug, condescending boilerplate —adding the cheap shot that anyone who dares to disagree with you simply must be drug-addled. Well, two examples are something, and your zero examples are nothing. Good luck beating something with nothing. (As I recall, it didn’t end well for you when you tried it on Seattle’s minimum wage.)

Also, please note that @18 wasn’t proposing to pay 1% more, but rather, “the 1% pay more taxes..” In case you missed what “the 1%” means in this context, @18 spelled it out for you in the very next clause: “A little of re-distribution of wealth would be healthy for this country...”

(Then again, listening to persons who disagree with you has never been your strong point, has it?)
Nope nope nope. Cathy McMorris Rodgers is the real sicko needing serious mental help.
@1, @7, @11, & @14 Wandering Stars, @4 Original Andrew, @8 North American Jaybird, and @16 & @17 kristofarian: Thank you and bless you all for covering it.
Let me add my voice to the Seattle folks who have great respect for our fellow citizens in Eastern Washington. Gov. Inslee was once a Member of Congress from there, and he has served us well. Let’s hope they can get better representation in Congress soon!
@25 tensor: And thank you for pointing that out. We are blessed with an excellent Governor, Jay Inslee, from Eastern Washington. I agree, and hope so, too.
@20 & @21: Thank you both for demonstrating that there really ARE some progressive-minded people east of the Cascades. That's good to know. Please continue to spread the word. Sadly, as kallipugos @21 aptly pointed out, far too often many of us around Puget Sound only hear about rabid Trumpzilla supporters who voted against their core values, better interests, fair trade and affordable healthcare, blaming the Democrats for their current debacle.
Taxpaying US citizen and resident for 36 years.

My mum had breast cancer, found 15 years ago by one of the free NHS mobile mammogram units that came to her village. Caught early, after treatment she is still around, thanks for asking.

Does your gated community have one of those?

I acknowledge, if your aunt was lacking in funds, she might have got her treatment free as in medicare, medicaid, or "charity written off" care.

We can't do that for 300 million people. No free money tree. Some sort of payment is going to be needed.

People don't flock to the US for the most expensive healthcare in the world. That's a talking point. They don't flock to the UK, EU or Canada either because nowadays you typically have to have proof of residency to receive free care.

Years ago there were babies being born in UK to non residents "on holiday".

I received 4 more bills yesterday for my wife's surgery. Stack of 22 now. May take longer to figure out the paperwork than the surgery time. The care is good here but lets not kid ourselves that this is the best in the world shall we?

They don't have the UK NHS in Canada. Canada is an entirely different country from the UK on a different continent. They do have the same monarch on their money so I see why you might be confused.

The UK still has a robust private heathcare system. They never got rid of the Private option in the UK when they formed the NHS 70 years ago. Docs can work in either or both. Private healthcare clinics are backstopped by the NHS.If some procedure or diagnosis escalates the patient can be moved to the NHS. Private insurance premiums are somewhat reasonable. In addition some NHS routine low risk procedures are often outsourced to those private clinics.

@30@31 Sounds like what you want right?

Canada does have private healthcare but the docs have to choose to work in either one not both.
@28: You really, really like that talking point, don’t you?

“Clearly people don't flock to the UK, France and Canada to have procedures done....they come here and as noted with good reason.”

Well, then, since there are just so many persons coming from those countries, you can provide some statistics, with sources, right?

You see, talking points aren’t evidence of anything except the chronic gullibility of the person who repeats them.

(Speaking of drug-addled minds, I seem to recall Mr. Limbaugh repeating that very same talking point around twenty years ago, when he first started self-medicating with the hard stuff. Good times, good times...)
There's an easier way to show that CMR is not on the level when she claims to have always protected people with preexisting conditions. Beginning in 2011 she voted more than forty times to repeal Obamacare, with no provision made for keeping preexisting conditions protections.

Her performance questioning Zuckerberg last week was lame. She read a prepared question about an "agorithm" and, when he asked for a simple clarification, just read another question someone wrote for her. Pensacola Bible College vs. Harvard.
#31 Looks like you’re getting some good replies from what I consider your elitist remarks.

What I get out of this is your deep concern for your own health which is human enough but that you deserve special treatment above and beyond other people who may be poor. And your disregard for the health of others because they are not as privileged as you are. It looks like you see nothing wrong with your attitude which is deeply warped. I could well be talking over your head. Your - let them eat cake- attitude could well be your downfall. Maybe.
This is what "death panel cathy" McMorris-Rodgers & the powers-that-be of Spokane are really doing behind closed doors with police escort in Spokane. Most people don't know who was involved at the Davenport meeting because of our crappy media here...…

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