Gen. Kelly will whip that Trump into shape by 2025, don't you worry.
Both Reagan and W. Bush were former state Governors. That's the best preparation for President, perhaps outside of Vice President, that we have. Job experience isn't really the issue here. Reagan worked is way up the political ladder, from outsider to insider. Bush was a born insider. The common denominator for everyone up until Trump was that they recognizes that there is such a thing as common decency. Even Nixon recognized it. Opinions differ as to what exactly common decency is, but none questioned that it exists.

What makes Trump different is that he has no idea of such a thing. When he hears others speak of it, he has no idea what they're even saying. A sociopath, in other words.
Your first paragraph raises a good point. Being a Governor is excellent preparation for being President. Note that FDR, Carter and Clinton were state governors as were not a few candidates. Romney & Dukakis come to mind.

Charles, I get that you loathe the current President. But why lay into Reagan so harshly? You arrived in Seattle in 1989 when Reagan's VP, George H. W. Bush was President. Did you live in America long enough to experience that "the Reagans were the bottom of American ugliness and stupidity in politics."? Nancy Reagan's act was an act of altruism. Why not leave it alone?

Reagan was immensely popular. So much so that his VP was elected. In 1984, Reagan/Bush I won every state in the Union except Minnesota (where Mondale was from) which he lost by less than 4000 votes. I voted for him and have nary a regret. Since Reagan, three GOP Presidents have been elected. I would ask you rhetorically "Why would you remain in America when Republican presidents keep getting elected?"

Charles, like you I choose to remain in this great Republic, the United States of America. Never forget it is a work in progress, for better or for worse.

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