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Free, Cheap & Easy Things To Do This Weekend

Last-Minute Events Under $10 for May 24-27

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Food News You Can Use This Weekend

News and Events for Foodies: May 24 Edition

Free, Cheap & Easy Things To Do This Weekend

Last-Minute Events Under $10 for May 24-27

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I Skied Naked Down Mount Rainier

I hadn't planned to strip off my clothes, but it was a sweltering summer day.

Seattle's Secret Beaches

All of these beaches and parks belong to you—use them!

Party in the Middle of Lake Union

The Duck Dodge sailboat race happens every Tuesday during summer, and it's wilder than you'd expect.

Going Hiking in the Mountains? You Don't Need to Take Your Car

The Trailhead Direct service is now bigger and more connected than ever.

Weed »

Are Pot Sodas Worth the Price?

I drank 100 milligrams of THC to find out.

When You Get Too High at the Movies

A normal film transforms into a horror flick.

Inside the Only Pot Research Farm in Washington State

What is Verda Bio up to in Sodo?

Arts »

Cold Cube Press Keeps Kicking

They're giving up their gallery space, but they're going to continue publishing weird and amazing books.

A Piece of Art to Sit Inside of on a Summer Day

James Turrell's Light Reign inspires deep thoughts. It's also nice and shady.

Art and Performance Spring 2019 »

Cool Art, Hilarious Interruptions, and Live Drag Competitions

A few trends we've noticed in the last few months.

A Play at Seattle Rep Brings Nina Simone Back to Life

The bombing of black girls made the jazz singer a radical.

A Bold and Inspiring New Venue for Innovative Music

Seattle Symphony's new Octave 9 space will showcase a dazzling array of multidisciplinary performances.

Sierra Nelson's Bioluminescent Poetry

She also curates a spring variety show dedicated to the octopus, squid, chambered nautilus, and cuttlefish.

Green Guide Spring 2019 »

The Untold Story of Marijuana Legalization

How billionaire George Soros and a few of his friends gave us bongs full of legal weed.

The Weed Growers Who Also Breed Falcons

How Falcanna conquered the boutique cannabis market.

Medical Marijuana Would Have Saved My Brother's Life

Jim Belushi talks about his weed farm, SNL, cannabis as a spark for creativity, and his brother John.

Food & Drink Guide 2019 »

The Stranger's Guide to Food & Drink 2019: Dining Around the Clock

Where you can eat in Seattle at any time of day.

Seattle's Favorite Original Coffee Roasters

Get a taste of the city at these Seattle originals.

Seattle's Favorite Breakfast & Brunch Spots

Make your first meal of the day a great one. Reader's Choice winner included.

Il Corvo, Manu's Bodega, and More of The Stranger's Favorite Places to Get Lunch in Seattle

Where to get lunch at typical lunch prices. Reader's Choice winner included!