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Complete Details on the Seattle March for Our Lives

Saturday, March 24

Your Ultimate Guide to Where to Eat for Easter Brunch 2018 in Seattle

Plus Where to Pick Up Food for Sunday, April 1

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Olympia 2018 Recap: The Death Penalty Is Alive, Gun Control Is Dead

Everything You Need to Know About the Legislative Session

New to Town? Need an Apartment? Looking to Make Friends? The Stranger Is Here to Help

The Stranger's guide to Seattle for people who have just arrived.

Welcome to Seattle, New Person!

Here are some tips and my condolences.

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Clock-Out Lounge Celebrates Its Opening by Bringing a Drag Terrorist to Seattle

A brand-new Beacon Hill hot spot launches with a performance by Christeene.

Pussy Riot's Balaclava-Led Revolution

Russian punk band and protest group Pussy Riot embark on their first US tour.

In Defense of Jazz Fusion

And specifically Herbie Hancock and Billy Cobham.

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A Shop in Issaquah Sold $150,000 Worth of Bongs in Four Days

Washington's Own Glass just landed the motherload of Mothership glass.

Outdoor-Grown Weed Is Not Only Better for the Environment, It's Also Dank AF

Why does it get such a bad rap in Seattle's pot shops?

Valentine's Day Is a Made Up Corporate Holiday, but at Least We Have Weed Chocolates

Taste-testing chocolates sold in Seattle pot stores.

Art and Performance Spring 2018 »

Stop Pretending You Don't Like Paul Simon

Time to admit that the guy who wrote "The Boxer," "Slip Slidin' Away," and "Graceland" is one of the all-time greats.

Inscape Used to Be a Prison for Immigrants. Now It's a Home for Artists.

Seattle's largest arts enclave and its creepy past.

My Year in a Hotel Room with Rob Lowe

What I learned from watching Oxford Blues more than 200 times.

An Immersive Production of Hamlet in a Mansion on First Hill

It will feature two casts acting simultaneously.

The Stranger's Guide to Seattle's Happiest Happy Hours »

The Gayest Guide in the World to Seattle's Happy Hours

There are a lot of queer bars in this town, and it can be difficult to keep track of their best deals.

The Best Upscale Happy Hours

Where to enjoy high-end appetizers, entrées, and libations for low-end prices.

Best Bars to Rendezvous with a Tinder Date

You don't want to run into your knucklehead friends, but it's gotta be good. So, where?

Best Happy Hours for Gamers

Where to find video games, board games, pinball, trivia nights, and more.

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