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Stranger (Than Usual) Things To Do This Week

92 Unusual Events for Oct 15-20, from the Halloween Pet Parade to the Punk Rock Flea Market

Where to Watch This Week's Democratic Presidential Debates

Viewing Parties Across Seattle On Oct 15 With Booze, Ice Cream, and More

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Meth Deaths Are on the Rise

A local MacArthur "genius" has an idea for tackling the problem.

The Stranger's 2019 Back to School Issue

What no one else will tell you about college life, hot sex, dreadlocks, psychedelics, and Seattle.

The Perks of Dating Older People

It can be an important part of a lifelong education.

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Who's Down for Diversifying Pot Shops?

The WSLCB is prepared to give out more licenses to minority business owners. Which city council candidates like this idea, and which don't?

Two Doctors Weigh In on the Latest Vape Health Scare

Can vaping kill you?

The State's Pot-Tracking System Is Messed Up

Should they just get rid of it?

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Dalí Dreamscapes Above Some Trash on Olive

Sticker Patrol: Cat Nudes, Ferries, Fear & Loathing

The Top Eight Things to See at the October 2019 Capitol Hill Art Walk

Halloween Art, Pollinators, Excess, and More Critics' Picks

Tactile Sculptures of Light and Sound

SPACEFILLER's vision of chaos and order at Glass Box Gallery.

Art and Performance Fall 2019 »

The Multiplicity of Zanele Muholi

A celebrated South African photographer and "visual activist" challenges racial stereotypes in a must-see exhibition.

The Best Things To Do in Seattle: Fall 2019

Picks from Seattle Art and Performance for September 16–December 8

Perfume Genius and Kate Wallich Create an Otherworldly Collaboration

The Sun Still Burns Here is not for the children.

Thriftease Is Chaotic and Sexy

It's a fashion show, a drag show, an auction, a market, and a striptease.

Green Guide Spring 2019 »

The Little-Known Story of Marijuana Legalization

How billionaire George Soros and a few of his friends gave us bongs full of legal weed.

The Weed Growers Who Also Breed Falcons

How Falcanna conquered the boutique cannabis market.

Medical Marijuana Would Have Saved My Brother's Life

Jim Belushi talks about his weed farm, SNL, cannabis as a spark for creativity, and his brother John.