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Jingle All the Gay's New Cast Fucking Sleighs

The "next chapter" of Homo for the Holidays is the tits.

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127 Stranger (Than Usual) Things To Do in Seattle This Week: Dec 11-16, 2018

SantaCon, Dumb Gay Politics Live!, and More Unusual Events

Flavors of the Month: Seattle Food & Drink Specials to Try in December 2018

Cranberry Thyme Doughnuts, Chocolate Candy Cane Cupcakes, and More

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Is Bellevue the Next Williamsburg?

The world's first floating light rail line is going to change Seattle's relationship to the big city on the other side of Lake Washington.

Who Injected Jack Chapman's Genitals With the Silicone That Killed Him?

Disturbing new evidence emerges in the Noodles and Beef case.

Meet a Future Seattle Music Superstar

Chong the Nomad throws everything and the kitchen sink into her music.

Death of a Kinkster

Why did a young man named Jack Chapman, aka Pup Tank, die suddenly? Is his master, Dylan Hafertepen, to blame?

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Ode to Dan Dan Noodles

Seven Stars Pepper makes my favorite bowl in town.

Capitol Hill's Best New Taco Stand Is Hidden Inside Hillcrest Market

Carmelo's Tacos make their own tortillas, and the flavors are from Mexico City.

Seattle's Only Portuguese Restaurant Is Never Open, Except When It Is

The elusive and effusive Luso Food and Wine in Greenwood.

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Kinski Celebrate 20 Years of Spacious, Hard-Driving Rock

They're also celebrating the reissue of their fantastic LP Be Gentle with the Warm Turtle.

Meet a Future Seattle Music Superstar

Chong the Nomad throws everything and the kitchen sink into her music.

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Instagram Shuts Down a Popular Cannabis Account—Repeatedly

What is their problem with Cannabess?

How to Make a Dank Holiday Dinner

Here's a tip: Infuse the gravy, not the turkey.

Green Guide Fall/Winter 2018 »

The Flavr Blue Won't Just Get You High—It Will Also Right the Wrongs of the Drug War

Or at least that's the idea behind the band the Flavr Blue's new self-titled strain.

They Say Cannabis Is Bad for Your Memory. Is That True?

What the latest science says.

The Best Weed Cookies I've Ever Eaten

These are not only the best edibles I've ever had—they're the best cookies, period. Here's how to make them at home.

The Most Important Weed Compound No One Is Talking About

You already know about THC and CBD. Now it's time to learn your CBGs.

Happy Hour Guide 2018 »

The Stranger's Happy Hour Guide 2018

A guide to where to drink and find Seattle's best bartenders.

The Best Happy Hours for Beer Geeks

With some notes on what I ordered recently and loved.

Seattle's Best Happy Hours for You and Your Dog

Art and Performance Winter 2018 »

Anthony White's Eye-Popping Paintings

He loves to paint naked bathroom selfies of his friends and still-lifes of millennial trash.

Zadie Smith Declines to Comment

She did not want to talk about call-out culture. But she is still willing to write about it.

Clarinet Virtuoso Kinan Azmeh Premieres a New Concerto with the Seattle Symphony

Followed by a performance with the Silk Road Ensemble.

Five Hundred Actors Auditioned to Play the Lead in Annie, and These Two Girls Got the Part

Behind-the-scenes facts about the 5th Avenue Theatre's new production of the classic musical.