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Last-Minute Plans: 116 Free, Cheap & Easy Things To Do In Seattle For Memorial Day Weekend: May 25-28, 2018

Free Li'l Woody's, Northwest Folklife Festival, Pride Asia, and More $10-and-Under Events

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The Loser

Three-time loser Dino Rossi is running for office. Again.

After Evergreen

One Year Later, Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying Look Back

The 32 Films You Must See at the Seattle International Film Festival 2018

The Stranger's Picks for SIFF, Which Runs from May 17–June 10

Evicted Over $49: What Happens When Seattle's Poorest Tenants Can't Make Rent

The city's public housing authority leaves little wiggle room for struggling residents.

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Splurging on Sinful Comfort Food in a Vegan Restaurant

Plum is the place that Stevie Wonder, Tobey Maguire, and other rich people eat when they're in town.

We Stole the Company Credit Card. We Went to Denny’s. We Slurped the Crystal Crunch Milk Shake.

Denny’s Solo: A Star Wars Story menu is a real thing.

The Most Important Development for Seattle Craft Brewing in Decades

Skagit Valley Malting might be the biggest thing in the local craft beer scene since Redhook.

Don't Go Home at Bar Close. Go to Ba Bar.

The middle-of-the-night food scene at Ba Bar's Capitol Hill location is amazing.

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Los Angeles Has Sun, but Seattle's Music Scene Is Cooler

Erik Blood reflects on how his music has changed since he moved to LA.

Sailing into the Sunset with Wooden Shjips

The psych band returns with the summery V.

Indie Folk Project Dear Nora Return with Skulls Example

They haven't lost their gentle power.

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Let Farmers Sell Their Own Pot

Under current law, they're not allowed to—and it's killing small businesses.

ICE Can and Will Use Cannabis Against You

Unfortunately, noncitizens should probably stay away from cannabis altogether.

Talking Weed Laws with Crispin Blunt

The British want to know how it's done here.

Why Is YouTube Cracking Down on Cannabis Videos?

In which we relearn that giant mega-corporations are not our friends.

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Inside the New Nordic Museum Is an Art Show You Shouldn't Miss

Your Norwegian grandma might not like it, but you will.

How Comedy Stopped Being a Genre and Became the Only Way Humans Communicate

A conversation with Planet Funny author Ken Jennings.

How Solomon Georgio Became a Comedy Star

He’s queer, he’s an African immigrant, and, in the age of Trump, he’s blowing up.

Art and Performance Spring 2018 »

Stop Pretending You Don't Like Paul Simon

He hits Seattle on his farewell tour this Fri., May 18.

Inscape Used to Be a Prison for Immigrants. Now It's a Home for Artists.

Seattle's largest arts enclave and its creepy past.

Rob Lowe Taught Me About American Assholes

What I learned from watching Oxford Blues more than 200 times.

An Immersive Production of Hamlet in a Mansion on First Hill

It will feature two casts acting simultaneously.

Food and Drink Guide 2018 »

The Stranger's Guide to Food and Drink 2018: Well-Done & Rare Edition

Our favorites of Seattle's most bountiful tastes and where to find more elusive flavors.

Our Favorite Places to Eat Gluten Free in Seattle

Niche, Capitol Cider, NuFlours, Razzi's and other places where you can feel like you're eating normally again—pizza, pastries, and sandwiches included!

Our Favorite Vietnamese Restaurants in Seattle

Pho Bac Sup Shop, Ba Bar, Wicked Chopstix and more must-try Vietnamese food found amid Seattle's plentitude.

Our Favorite Restaurants in Seattle to Get Southern Food and Barbecue

French Quarter Kitchen, JuneBaby, Wandering Goose, and other places to enjoy down-home Southern flavors.

Spring Green Guide »

Confused About Indica vs. Sativa?

This handy guide should clear everything up.

Will Weed Make You Better at Sports?

Golf and soccer are better if you've eaten an edible—but tennis is a disaster.

Meet the Radical Libertarian Who Figured Out How to Monetize Marijuana on Instagram

Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's marijuana.

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