So unreal Christopher, but it is real. Good writeup.
US RepubliKKKan "Christians" want to do exactly the same and worse to us here at home.
@3: Well then, I hope they do, so at least for once you'll feel vindicated.
@3 That may be true but this should give you a clue to who are the real bastards here "... barbaric treatment of gay men in the traditionally conservative Muslim society."
@3: let's just concentrate on the horror at hand. for once.

a horror that there is literally nothing any American can do anything about.
@7 I mean Kadyrov was installed by Putin to 2 things:

1. Make it clear to the Muslim population that any thoughts of extremism will be met with brutal, soul shattering shows of force.

2. Make it clear that any thoughts policed as non-confirming will be met with brutal, soul shattering shows of force.
Putin is literally why gays aren't treated so well in all Islamic societies.

It's not moderate Islam that's the problem, just like it's not moderate Christianity that's the problem; it's far-right radical religionists of any denomination that are the problem.

Except of course it's not ALL Islamic societies where gays aren't treated so well, like, say, the 20 nations with predominately Islamic populations where same-sex intercourse is legal, and the 4 of those that have actually debated legalizing same-sex marriage.
@11&12 Right. It's important to not confuse "Islamic societies" with muslim societies. It's true that some countries that have majority muslim populations legalize same sex intercourse (although in many, like India, Iraq and Jordan, though homosexuality is legal, violence towards gays is tolerated), there are a number of *Islamic* countries that have death sentences for homosexuals (as well as apostates, heretics and assorted other n'er-do-wells).

Islamism is the problem, not muslims. Mainly. I don't think you were papering over the distinction and pretending that because some countries with large muslim population have legalized gay sex that we can ignore all the Islamic countries that have outlawed it.
@3, Your label "US RepubliKKKan "Christians"" encompasses such a wide range of individuals and groups, that it's impossible to say that "they" have a concentration camp agenda. Your argument is as ridiculous as those who speak of "the gay agenda." There is no They and Us, there is only WE....and we have to deal with it. WE must condemn this camp vigorously and apply whatever pressure is possible, if it's possible. Pray for the condemned and stand and fight for tolerance and liberty in the USA,,,,
This is just absolutely sick. This is a repeat 80 years later of Hitler's Holocaust.
We must do all we can to resist this insanity.
This is horrifying. But I wouldn't be surprised if it happened here.
@16, first they came for the transgender...
If a gay man escapes Chechnya and reaches the US border, how likely is he to be allowed in? How likely to have an asylum claim succeed to stay here? From actual knowledge not "what you heard", if you would.

The "human rights official" is possibly the worst part among several horrible parts.
As long as we're derailing -- cross-culturally, intolerance of homosexuality correlates more closely with male-dominance societies than with religious ones. (And yes those are covariant themselves.)
Chechen officials wouldn't dare make a move without Russian approval. This may be a trial balloon.
@21 CMDwannabe: Please email me.

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and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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