there was a time when I believed Krafft was being ironic - maybe 2001. I think his exhibitors did as well. does he have a gallery now?

The Cascade Legion guys must be hella nervous. These vids are gonna be awesome!
Keep standing against them.
Wow. Thanks, Patrik Hermansson.
Wow! Who knew? Seattle has a Nazi weird. I guess every city has its underbelly. One would think the pervasive cloud of lefty progressive auras would crowd them out, or at least make them twitchy all day. Apparently not. Perhaps Seattle is seen as a challenge. Don't care, doesn't matter whether I do or don't anyway, ignorant dysfunctional minds will abide. Sigh.
@1: Back when I was younger and just started reading more "mature" comic books, I just thought it was a weird aesthetic thing that Frank Miller as always drawing swastikas on people and things, because it seemed so randomly done. It quickly became clear that he was just a literal fascist.

Luckily, 98% of his work is trash.
wait, now I can't dream of Cascadia without it being some Nazi thing? I though it was just a "look at the inner country fucking up our shit" thing
@1: I recall that too. I have friends who have a few of Kraft's pieces. At that time, neo-nazism was still off in fringes so the art was seen as ironic and provocative indulgences.

Kraft also did a piece of Martha Stewart.
@5,7 - Yeah, unfortunately there's a notable white supremacist presence in and around Cascadia who would love for this area to be their little aryan fantasy enclave. Discussion of them regularly comes up on /r/Cascadia, typically in terms of how to oppose & thwart their juvenile bullshit. But then I guess losers are often going to adopt a loser nazi ideology.

We beat 'em before, we'll be 'em again.
@9, How do people not know that? The PNW is a hotbed of white separatism and it is baked into the region's history.
Comedian Hari Kondabalu has a message about the year 2042: You're going to be a minority, like it or not…
Quite interesting and somewhat alarming that he remained under the radar for so long considering his outrageous politics. Good job, Patrik Hermansson.
Beacon Hill a suburb of Seattle?
@10 - IDK. Perhaps the racists keep a low-profile. I didn't really know for some time.

The annoying thing is that the alt-white types also sometimes use the name "Cascadia", and well, it's a good name, so I can't blame them for that aesthetic choice. But the regional-autonomy group Cascadia Now which is behind the /r/Cascadia reddit is decidedly socially inclusive, doesn't want racist ideologies, and rejects these simple-minded haters.
Charles is NOT a racist. He has questions about the 'HallowedHoax' which all thinking people should also question. Too many of us have swallowed the "Lie" for way too long. It's hard not to, given the fact that the media is generally owned and operated by the keepers of "the lie". Check out the children's book he's authored - "The Timid Cabbage" which does not make him anti-vegan.
@15- Hosting a bbq for these charming Aryan supremacists sounds a good bit like racism to me. For that matter, if he is supporting their "cause", it matters not whether he himself is technically a racist or not. Same hideous effect. As to the book, what difference does it make whether he wrote a kids' book or not? And your comments re the "hoax" are both ludicrous and serve to out you as a Nazi sympathizer.
@15 - Wow! A live one!
Are you Mr. Krafft's personal apologist? What standing do you have to attempt to dismiss his clear support of people who would prefer to kill other humans, and make casual jokes about killing other humans?
@17- @15 is not apologizing just for Krafft. He/she is trying to minimize what the Nazis did in general and deny the Holocaust. Nazi-sympathizing POS.
Um, not a racist? U can include homophobe too. Check out his friend list and FB postings. Chocked full of Aryans and racist commentary. This is not funny nor does he get a pass. Insert lump in my throat.

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