You had me at "certified paranormal investigator."


The only thing Seattle is haunted by is is pale young upper-middle-class men with freshly-printed diplomas and terrible taste.


I have news for you Nathan, dear: We're all going to die. No one has ever gotten out of humanity alive, and no one has ever had a happy ending.

OK, who wants ice cream?


well that sucked


Even the word "paranormal" is pure bullshit.

Even if ghosts existed, their existence would be in accordance with natural laws we simply do not fully grasp.

But they don't exist, so no word is needed.

Therefore, it is a word that literally means nothing, and has no actual use.

On another note, if you believe in ghosts, you are extremely stupid, and this requires no qualifiers.


@6: Haha, what? This is almost impossibly nonsensical.

If you can't think of an insult, just do what every other dumbass does and post "U Dumb!" At least that makes some kind of sense.


@6 You don't think Theodore is real, or you just don't think he has what it takes?


Discovery Park, by the reflecting pools on the Wolf Tree Nature Trail.
We saw a man who appeared in several different places very quickly without seeming to move at all. We ran away up to the top of the trail and he was there already without having gone past us or making any noise. My two friends with me saw it as well. None of us have seen anything like it since.


Co-founder of the map here. @9 that’s amazing! I hope you’ll formally submit it at

@5 Damn, hello Squidward.

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