Thanks for this detailed information. Sharing widely.


"......exposes the limits of Seattle’s status as a “sanctuary city.”
"The designation does not stop immigrants from facing deportation nor does it stop federal officials like ICE agents from arresting people in the city."

So, "Sanctuary City" is the Left's version of magic underwear?


If you see somebody hating - point em out


ICE doesn’t pick up immigrants. Well, there are errors, but it’s rare.

ICE picks up ILLEGAL immigrants.


ICE arrests people who have violated US law.
If you have evidence otherwise please cite.


@7 if you could afford coffee, that is.


@4 @ 5 @6 @7

The issue, of course, is that people fundamentally disagree with the immigration laws. When cops arrested negroes for drinking from the wrong water fountain, could you very well calm the outrage by saying "cops only arrest negroes for drinking from Whites Only fountains!"?

I didn't think so. ICE is the executive arm of the president's immigration policy; they're on the verge of being transformed into brownshirts or some other type of junta enforcement apparatus. That they're just following order is immaterial.


Hey Heidi, what a biased story. Why don't you put both sides into the story and let the reader decide for him/herself. And what is your life experience with this topic? Besides protesting, I doth think you protest too much.


So people who have NO LEGAL RIGHT to be in the USA are nervous because the laws might be enforced? Boo fucking hoo.


9 They are on the verge of being transformed into brownshirts? Link us all up to this information.

Comparing illegals to Blacks drinking from the White Only water fountains is complete nonsense. Not even the same thing.

Oddly enough, minority groups in the US are forced to compete with illegal immigrants, and they shouldn't have to.


If you don't like the law, change it.
In the meantime obey the law.
ICE is doing what they did for eight years under the Deporter in Chief.
Your feigned moral outrage fools no one.


ICE acts immorally and dishonestly. They intimidate and harass. They target folks using racial profiling and attempt to trick people into giving up their rights.

What ICE does is not law enforcement. What they do and how they conduct themselves is nothing like LE. This is why legit LE in this area wants nothing to do with them nor be associated with them.

ICE does it's work in the shadows because most rational, caring, empathetic, justice loving people with moral values are disgusted by them when they witness or learn of their tactics. Absolutely call them out if you see them. No need to be polite.



Just a few from a quick Google search. There are many more out there, and many many more that don't get media coverage.


I'd like to remind all the american citizens in the room that you have done nothing, achieved nothing to deserve your citizenship

Enjoy your consolation prize for being born while you shit on other human beings for trying to live a decent life


I saw CBP at SoDo Jimmy John’s a few weeks back. I was really surprised they were wearing their bright CBP vests in public, on their own time, in Seattle. I would be terrified my food would be compromised if I were them.
Maybe the guns help them feel confident?


@20 what tribal membership?


None of those fake news links work....


What a scumbag thing to do, warn illegals of ICE'S presence just doing their jobs. If we dont let them, we will all suffer either by their crime, violence or rising to greater political clout, changing laws to suit their culture, religious lj was and changing our constitution until we are the minority and lose our country. I say America First.


Thanks Heidi.

Also, remember to hope they have a heart attack during their next attempt to arrest someone minding their own business.


Spit on them and call them "baby killers!"
Worked so well in 1970


Basement dwelling, Mama's teet Trumpeteer Clearinghouse in here. Please post a video of yourselves either blowing an ICE agent that you love so obsessively, or making sweet, sweet love to an oversized tRump baby blimp, K? You may even make it on Hump!



Hmmm. I see. Good argument.


Give them a bouquet of flowers and a thank you card for rounding up the Ms-13 scum and child traffickers.


Shouldn't we be punching them? They are Nazis, right?

Go punch them.


a Nazi says, If you don't like the law about exterminating jews, change it, but in the mean time the law is that we exterminate Jews.


Well put, 31.

"Ve Vas Jvst followink Zee ORDERS!"

And when they came for ME, there was no one Left.

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