Is there anyone there whose entire job revolves around forking?
Is there anyone there with a documented history of stealing flatware?


I have this problem at home. It's strange. Plenty of spoons and knives but the forks always disappear.


Where I used to work, it was always the teaspoons.


We had three complete 4-place sets of cutlery (including salad forks) about 4 years ago, and the forks are now down to a mere handful. Strangely, only a few spoons are missing and none of the knives. I have no idea where they go: do people accidentally toss them out when they throw away their take-out containers? Does the dishwasher have a peculiar appetite for tined flatware? I chalk it up to the same inexplicable mysteries surrounding where socks go, and why hot dogs and hot dog buns are sold in differing quantities.


Was the flatware in question Christofle? If so, ask Dan.


What's happening is people are (probably inadvertently) throwing them away. It would happen to the knives, too, if anyone every used one.

It will take what, about three or four clicks for your office manager to resupply you?


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Coincidentally, my personal-keep-it-at-my-desk fork was returned to the silverware drawer of our office kitchen after missing for about a month after I accidentally left it on the counter. I even put up a missing poster. No luck. I have no idea where it went.

The other day I pulled out a plastic container from the COMPOST bin (because people are clueless) and there was a metal fork inside. Really, colleague?!


@1- You must be referring to the entire column that revolves around "forking"?

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