These are mine
These are mine RS

In case anyone was wondering, I took the entire box of Thin Mints from the snack table. The Girl Scouts sent us a basket full of cookies to promote an upcoming dinner event where local chefs plan to use certain kinds of cookies to create a three course meal. The box of Thin Mints was included in the basket, and I just took the whole thing without even thinking about it.

It would be dishonest for me to say that I took the cookies for any particular reason. In retrospect I could say that I took them to eliminate the annoyance of overhearing people hemming and hawing over the caloric consequences of eating one or two Thin Mints before eventually succumbing to the impulse and grabbing a few. Or I could say that I took them because I truly believe that eating an individual Thin Mint is an essentially inconsequential act. The serving size of a Thin Mint is two sleeves and/or one box, and so by taking the whole box I was really only taking one Thin Mint. But really I just saw the box and took it and nobody around me stopped it from happening because it was late and the snack table is a lawless place.

In closing, I would like to tell a story. A few years ago I was walking out of the QFC on Broadway when I saw out of the corner of my eye a young girl with a short, black bob holding a clipboard and wearing a vest. The girl was yelling, "It's the last day! It's the last day!"

At the time I happened to be in the middle of a pretty routine existential panic, and so for maybe two or three minutes I thought the girl was some harbinger of the apocalypse. An unlikely herald of the end-times. But after walking a couple blocks I realized that she was a Girl Scout, and that it was the last day to buy Girl Scout cookies for the season. It was not, in fact, the last day of days.

That said, it's later than you think. I wish you all luck in the race for the next box of Thin Mints.