Let me begin by thanking you for reading The Stranger online for the last 16 years. Our first website served us well throughout the blogging era, but, as many of you were kind enough to tell us in our reader survey, we’ve been looooooooong overdue for an overhaul.

I haven’t been along for the whole ride, but my understanding is that we started kicking around the idea of a redesign well over a decade ago. But then we got kinda distracted during the Obama administration, and then Craigslist tanked the business model, and then Mark Zuckerberg and Google tanked the other business model, and then a deadly respiratory virus came along and wiped out the paper, and now here we are, rebuilding in a digital-only world.

In response to all that pressure and change, over the last year or so The Stranger’s own miscreant tech bros and a few editors with sharp opinions put their heads together and forged this brand new jewel of a home from the ground up. And now it falls to me to give you the tour! So please, follow me up the steps:

  • Starting from the top of the homepage, we’re keeping the spirit of The Stranger cover alive with a brand new piece of art each week. Click through and you’ll learn more about the artist.

  • Below the art we installed three little links, which we’ll use to send you to wherever we want for whatever reason we want. Clicker beware.

  • Scrolling down farther, we finally arrive at the articles our staff spends so much time reporting out and writing down and defending to the death on social media. Consider this your new living room. Feel free to kick off your shoes and spend some time reading our top stories and our lists of the best things to do around town.

  • Loyal Slog AM and PM readers will find a link to the roundups over on the right, as well as a link to the ol’ eternally scrolling Slog itself. There you’ll find the latest stories we’ve published listed in chronological order.
  • Back home below the grid, you’ll find three or four little portals you can use to enter the minds of our deranged columnists.

  • The big circle below those portals anchors our new spotlight area, where we’ll zoom in on a new person, place, or thing each week. The vertical column next door will house related pieces or completely unrelated pieces, depending on who’s on vacation that week.

  • Below that you’ll see a little list of random articles we like, then a row of the people who write the articles we like, all followed by a list of articles that our fancy little data wizard tells us you like. And below that? Hell.

That’s basically it! We’ll add more bells and whistles and bedrooms as time marches on — and as technology continues to destroy our new business models. But for the time being, we hope you’ll enjoy this nice, new, spruced-up place for news, arts, drugs, and expert advice on how to eat ass.


Interim Editor, Rich Smith