This unfortunately is old news; we have been doing this since at least (to my knowledge) 2003.

Ran into this young pretty lady who lost custody of her kid and just came back from visiting her kid for a few weeks. It seems she got lucky and got a bus ticket to where her kid lived and visited until she got another bus ticket back to California.

As she explained you get x strikes (how many times you are picked up for being homeless) before they ship you off.

Are you suprised? why should you be. We expect churches to help out the homeless population ... Utah is stepping up as they found that it's cheaper to house the homeless than to pay for all the homeless programs ...

But it doesn't matter just like Fox News Anchors say; they don't want their tax dollars to pay for some stinking hippie smoking a joint.
As problematic as the Homeward Bound program may be (counting homeless that participate as "housed" is a bit optimistic), this article portrays it as if a homeless person walks in off the street, throws a dart at a map, and off they go. What the program is designed to do is to reunite people with their families by giving them transportation to (usually) their place of origin.…

What Nevada did when they simply put their homeless on a bus to San Francisco and told'em they'd be taken care of is an entirely different matter.

^this holds another piece of the puzzle. The unhoused people among us are overwhelmingly from WA state, mostly King County. See page 10. Only 9% became homeless out of state and have now ended up here. .09 * 8,552 = 767, which means I blame Boeing for whatever is not accounted by buses.
@3- the link in your post is broken. Could you please repost? Thanks.
The referenced study is worthless. It has been often quoted but the raw data has not been provided to others including the actual questions asked, answered and if any facts were checked. It has become a tired mantra. It defies common sense and every anecdote and actual story where a group of homeless are interviewed and they share their origin story (not from here)

The article re bussing is interesting but not particularly compelling or material. Our regional homeless to any observer who asks a few questions will demonstrate that a significant number have moved to King County and Seattle from elsewhere, at the same time that we had a 10 year plan to cure homelessness. At the same time we demonstrated tolerance, acceptance and millions of dollars of spending. Street homeless are not stupid. They act in their self-interest. Could it be that for every dollar spent in an environment where we tolerate rampant law breaking, trespassing and anti-social behavior that other cities might disparage - that we get more of the same? I live on the Hill and like anyone else with functioning eyes, have seen a massive increase in people on the streets, tents and more that were not evident 4 years ago. These are people with likely little or no legal income and were not housing displaced due to rising rents in Seattle.

I believe that the advocacy community do not want real data to be presented. What would the public response be if it were demonstrated that a great many came from elsewhere due to our reputation and resources? What would that say about the likelihood that variations on the theme of continued spending, will only increase the problem? There is an endless supply of people who will leave where they are for places that provide free housing and a pass from law enforcement.
"Poorer" areas? You can find Lower-Class humans in basically every city on Our Planet; what you CANNOT find is Universal Socialist Status . . . .
Sorry, this is bullshit. I had the unfortunate chance to be homeless several years back. I availed myself to the offerings of DESC. I got to spend many a fine morning with other homeless, in the DESC basement. Almost everyone is from another state, a huge amount from the south. Do not try to tell me that most of our homeless here are in-state, it simply is not true.
@1: the "Utah Story", again. Utah had a very specific program to house long-time chronic homeless. yes, they did it, but it wasn't THAT many, it took them 10 years, and they still have hundreds of chronic homeless.

going home to your family, if you can, is about the best plan.
@7. Obvious to you, obvious to anyone with eyes and a brain. But not apparently obvious to the local government, non-profit sectors and scummy advocates. The evidence is clear that there is at least an association between massive resources for homeless services and tolerance - and significant inflow. Association is not causation but I have seen nothing to refute causation and nothing that would give me comfort that our current or higher spend on the homeless, including paying with our bucks for housing, will not result in any reduction in the problem. We have platitudes and claims that this time will be different with no fundamental changes proposed.

I think that the smartest steps would be to take as much of the homeless spend as needed to have a zero tolerance law enforcement with social service support approach to urban camping, provide treatment and shelter options on our terms, not that of those who have infected our streets (no substance use, no pets, and the like). Provide the ability to be safe but not comfortable or permanent. Provide tickets home when indicated. Confiscate stolen shopping carts, bicycles and other stuff. Ticket, tow, confiscate vehicles that are not legal. But if I found someone camping or shitting or stealing on my property, I would want them out now and would not accept claims that it is my job to provide options. Everyone has options but some are tough. We created this problem by letting ourselves be conned by the sociopathic elements who have migrated here, and their tireless advocates. And too few who are willing to call it out because it might hurt their progressive creds and feel-good emotions.
Why would we bus poor people to places they can't afford to stay?

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